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5 Damning Inconsistencies In Transgender Dogma


All good parents tells their children: “If you’re gonna lie, you better have a good memory!”

If we bend the truth, we are sure to get caught in contradictions. This is exactly what’s happening with today’s gender theorists, who tell us everything we have traditionally thought about sex difference is wrong. As their made-up theories are tested in real life, the inevitable contradictions come to light in embarrassing ways. Here are only five of the most damning.

1. Gender Is a Spectrum

One of the most basic tenets of gender theory is that genders are like the hues of a rainbow—a vast spectrum of glorious diversity between two extremes of male and female. But it’s not true. You’re attentive when you’re out and about in the world. How many of these other genders have you ever seen? How many can you name?

When I speak on college campuses, I ask males and females to identify themselves by a show of hands. Then I ask those who are some other gender to raise their hands. Only on secular campuses with gender studies departments do folks raise their hands. I ask them to come meet me afterward in hopes that I will have the opportunity to learn something. They are never some new gender, but always some variation of male or female.

Even cultural anthropologists have no names for any other genders outside the binary norm of male or female. Male and female are the only two models nature makes. This leads us to the second inconsistency.

2. Binary Is Bad, But L, G, B, and T Require It

The second most fundamental tenet of gender theory is that binary is very, very bad. But they don’t appreciate that the LGBT construct demands a binary system.

L: What’s a lesbian? A woman who’s attracted to women, not men. The definition demands a binary system.

G: What about being gay? Men who aren’t attracted to the other sex. Binary.

B: What does it mean to be bisexual? This is an easy one. Bi. Bicycle, Binocular, Bifocal, Biracial. Bisexual is binary.

No matter how long the string of letters gets here—and it can get very long—there are no letters describing all the other supposed genders of the rainbow. Thus their own explanatory acronym conflicts with their theory.

T: What is transgender? Identifying with the gender opposite the one you were “assigned” at birth. Gender theory’s trans nomenclature reveals its binarity. Trans people identify themselves as either MTF (male-to-female) or FTM (female-to-male). There are no other options.

The theorists can’t help but have binarity step on their toes at every move in their own effort to overthrow it.

3. Male-Female Is Not Natural, Unless You’re Trans

Gender theory holds that we are male or female merely because our culture dictates two genders and requires us to look and act according to society’s definition of what a male or female is. Male and female are not actually found in nature, they say.

But what if you’re a “trans” man or woman? Consider what the director of GLAAD’s transgender media office said about transgender Caitlyn Jenner: “The world can now see what Caitlyn Jenner has always known, that she is — and always has been — a woman.”

According to gender theorists, only the trans person’s gender is incontestably and irrevocably natural, rooted in the deepest parts of who they are. If we contend that all other males and females are objectively, naturally so, we are unenlightened dolts. If we say that trans male or femaleness is mere illusion, we are bigots and will be severely punished.

What’s more, note that trans people tend to “trans” in extremely gender-stereotypical ways.

4. Androgyny Is Natural

Male and female are not natural, but we are told androgyny absolutely is not only natural but also worth celebrating. But androgyny doesn’t exist without substantive intentional effort. It is a gender construct if there ever was one.

5. My Little Boy Is Actually a Girl

Suppose you’re a school administrator and you have parents who tell you their child is not the little boy he appears to be. They ask you to accept and treat their child as the girl he is and instruct the teachers and students to do the same. If you cooperate, you are a brave, open-minded hero. If you resist, you are evil. This is gender theory orthodoxy. It’s not scientific orthodoxy, though.

Leading researchers working with children with gender identity disorder find that 73 to 98 percent of such children come to identify with their natal sex by puberty. This is precisely why many of the leading scholars and clinicians working with such children recommend parents, pediatricians, and school administrators not facilitate cross-gender behaviors and identity in such children.

One of largest such clinics in Europe is the Amsterdam Gender-Identity Clinic. They hold that avoiding such facilitation in childhood saves these kids “from having to make a complex change back to the role of the natal gender” in later childhood.

Dr. Richard Green, one of the most experienced researchers in this field and a strongly outspoken advocate in LGBT politics, told the Atlantic Monthly that these children will likely feel “a lot of a pressure to remain” as their assumed gender when they start to adjust to their natural gender as puberty approaches. Boys are not born into girls’ bodies, and vice versa. It’s irresponsible and harmful to children to play along with the assumption that they are.

Gender theory is pure ideology. It is not based in any science or logical objectivity. Its proponents literally make it up as they go along, based solely on the way they wish nature were. It’s why their “proper” terminology changes like the weather. Who can keep up with it? It’s why there is no agreement on the LGBT alphabet soup.

It’s all about turning the natural order of gender and sex difference on its head by any means necessary. Like a police detective interrogating a guilty suspect, the more they talk, the more obvious their whopping inconsistencies become.

It’s unforgivable how nearly all of the media, academia, and cultural elites help perpetuate this scam by refusing to ask even the most basic of questions. No detective would keep her job if she were so uninquisitive. It should be the same with journalists and academics who take the gender theorists at their word and shame on anyone who doesn’t.