Jessica Prol Smith
Jessica Prol Smith
Jessica Prol Smith

Jessica Prol Smith is senior news writer and editor for Alliance Defending Freedom. She is also a member of the Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center Board of Directors in Washington, D.C.

The Supreme Court Just Turned A Law To Protect Women Into A Weapon Against Them

It’s laughable to argue that anyone who wrote — or read — the Civil Rights Act of 1964 understood ‘sex’ to mean anything other than male or female.

Why All Americans Can Celebrate The Supreme Court Ruling On Forced Abortion Advertising

Even Americans who call themselves pro-choice can celebrate the court’s decision to protect a woman’s freedom to choose motherhood.

Marriage Haves And Have-Nots Don’t Have To Square Off

A happy National Marriage Week to my married friends, from a single who still hopes to join you in wedded bliss. Here’s why I’m not mad about your ‘privilege.’