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This Sweet Couple’s Engagement Video Will Melt Your Heart

Seriously, watch this right now. But go get a tissue box first, because you’re going to need it after you’ve met Jason Ivey and Chloe Bermudez.


When Jason Ivey of Newnan, Georgia, asked his girlfriend, Chloe Bermudez, to marry him, he had a huge surprise for her: a city-wide scavenger hunt in Chloe’s hometown, complete with a rooftop proposal and a helicopter ride.

Chloe and Jason both have special needs, but the young couple doesn’t want that reality to stop either of them from living life to the fullest.

“I love her heart,” Jason said. “She loves people, like me, she loves to help people, loves to serve them, but most of all she loves Jesus. Chloe is a prime example of a godly Christian lady, and I’m so excited to be getting to marry her.”

All throughout the day, Bermudez’s friends and family delivered clues to lead her to the rooftop where Jason was waiting to pop the question. Just before she reached the final destination of the scavenger hunt, she met her father, who had a special message for her.


“Chloe, you’re amazing, you’re beautiful, you’re confident, you’re strong, and you’re the daughter of the living king,” he said. “We love you and give you our full support for your future.”

When she arrived at the rooftop where Jason was waiting, he had a huge surprise for her — a ring and a helicopter.


“I love her with the deepest, most inner parts of my heart, and I can’t wait until our future blossoms,” Jason said.

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month. You can learn more here.