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Don’t Listen To Olivia Wilde’s Call To Vote Against Your Child’s Future

Riddle me this, Olivia Wilde: If it’s a basic human right to kill, how is it not a basic human right to live?


Actress Olivia Wilde has abortion on her mind, because she’s “literally about to have a baby, like in a minute.” ”Reproductive rights” means being “able to decide exactly how and when and why and where I want to have a baby,” she says. It’s a “basic human right.”

So, it’s a basic human right to kill another human being, no matter how small and dependent they are? Where, pray tell, does this “right” come from? If it’s a basic human right to kill, how is it not a basic human right to live?

Wilde is just one more sanctimonious actress in a conga line of celebrities lecturing the American public about abortion. “What do you care about?” Wilde asks. “If you care about your future, vote for it.”  But what about the future of your offspring? What about the possibilities for the life you chose to create when you made the choice to have sex?

Wilde says she’s thinking about everyone’s right to plan when she wants to have a family. What she doesn’t consider is that the choice to have sex is already part of that planning. Anytime you make that choice, you are choosing the possibility of creating a new life. Abortion is just a way to run from the consequences of your own choices and responsibilities.

The campaign #VoteYourFuture is really a get-out-the-vote for Hillary Clinton. It’s another play on women’s fears and the sexism of the Democratic Party as they push “women’s issues” as the most important thing facing the American people.

Yet, even among pro-choice politicians, Clinton is an extremist. She defends partial-birth abortion, has reversed her views on making abortion rare to making it common, wants to overturn the Hyde Amendment, and supports Planned Parenthood and their practice of chopping up babies and selling their parts for profit. Clinton’s support of “reproductive rights” is really a horror show of violence and brutality.

The campaign #VoteYourFuture is a joke in light of the fact that abortion offers no future for the one being killed. Those who advocate for abortion might think it’s all about the future of the mother, a future where she won’t be saddled with a child and burdened with the responsibilities of parenting. But that’s a delusion, a lie. It’s a lie because it’s built on the false premise that children subtract from our lives, that they only take from us and never give.

What women like Wilde aren’t telling you is that when you kill your unborn child, you are robbing yourself of a joy-filled future of having a loving and meaningful relationship with your son or daughter.

The woman who aborts her baby will never know a future of arms wrapped around her with the unconditional love only a child can give. She will never watch her child grow and learn and experience all the big and little excitements of life. She will never help her child walk, give her child ice cream for the first time, help her child with homework, dry her child’s tears after their first breakup, walk with her child down the aisle, or hold her child’s hand when her health is failing and her days on earth are short.

She’ll never find out more about herself and grow as a person as her child pushes and challenges her throughout their life together. That future is gone, ripped from her by her choice to end her child’s life.

Abortion is not a human right. Abortion is an evil that has plagued America for too long. Don’t listen to actresses like Wilde. Listen to your own heart. More importantly, listen to the rationality of your own brain. What do you care about? If you care about the future of unborn children and for your own future, vote for it. Vote for life.