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The Media’s Post-Debate Frenzy And ‘Saturday Night Live’ Election Coverage

Mary Katharine Ham is joined by Politico Reporter Hadas Gold on today’s Federalist Radio Hour


Hadas Gold, media reporter at Politico, joined Mary Katharine Ham on today’s Federalist Radio Hour. They discussed the media’s 2016 insanity, the new season of ‘Saturday Night Light’ with Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump, and a preview of all things Autumn including Starbuck’s drinks.

Gold shared stories from the spin room after this week’s presidential debate Monday night. “When you’re in the spin room and the filing center, a lot of times people will just start mobbing and they don’t know who they’re mobbing,” she said. “People next to me got up and were like, ‘I don’t know who this is but were gonna go and I guess we should interview them.'”

As late night comedy attempts to mock and impersonate the candidates, comedy writers have said both Clinton and Trump are making their jobs more difficult. “They should really just read what [Trump] says on air and they have to find a way to turn it into something funny when the reality is so absurd,” Gold said.

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