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Amtrak Waited 6 Months To Ask If A Trapped Woman Made It Out Of An Elevator

A woman was trapped in an Amtrak elevator at the airport. She tweeted for help. Nearly seven months later, Amtrak finally asked her if she got out of the elevator.


Last February, a woman tweeted that she was trapped inside an Amtrak elevator at the Baltimore-Washington International airport in Baltimore, Maryland.

“Guys. I’m trapped in an Amtrak elevator at Bwi airport,” Amanda Carpenter, a former staffer for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), tweeted on February 14, 2016. “Help?”

To prove that it is more than a bloated, taxpayer-funded disaster and that it actually cares about quality customer service more than it cares about setting fire to another truckload of taxpayer cash, Amtrak didn’t ask if the woman managed to get out of the elevator until yesterday…more than six months later.

A woman got stuck in an Amtrak elevator on Valentine’s Day, and it took 207 days for Amtrak to ask if she had been rescued.

Granted, Amtrak did initially respond on February 14 by telling Carpenter that airport agents were aware that she was trapped:

But it wasn’t until September 7 that Amtrak followed up with Carpenter to ask if she had been rescued from the Amtrak elevator that had trapped her in Baltimore.

“Are you still in the elevator?” the taxpayer-funded rail company’s Twitter account asked on Thursday.

Pro-tip: Following up with customers is always a good idea. Waiting nearly seven months to ask if they’ve been freed from the company elevator that trapped them is not.