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Evan McMullin Says He Sees An Independent Path To The Presidency

Evan McMullin joins Federalist Radio to discuss why Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are unfit to be President.


Evan McMullin, independent conservative presidential candidate, joined Ben Domenech in studio to talk through his efforts to get on state ballots across the country, his stances on the biggest issues of 2016, and what he hopes to accomplish.

“I felt so strongly that this country had to have better options in this election,” McMullin sadi. “We as Americans are not being given good options for leaders in this election and someone needed to step forward.”

McMullin explained legal action as part of his strategy to get on the ballot. “There are a number of states that have requirements for petitioning onto their ballots if you’re an independent candidate that are really designed to keep independent candidates off the ballot…we intend to challenge them.”

McMullin said he believes humans were created to be free and have a natural desire for freedom. “Democracies don’t fight each other. Terrorists don’t tend to come from places where they feel like they have recourse in a political system.”

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