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This Video Shows Why There’s No Such Thing As ‘Common Sense’ Gun Control

gun control

A new video reveals how little gun control advocates actually know about the guns they want to ban.


A new undercover video reveals how little gun control advocates actually know about the objects they want to ban. Posing as volunteers for “Citizen Coalition for Common Sense Gun Reform,” a fictitious gun-control group, two conservative media personalities conducted man-on-the-street interviews with individuals who said they wanted “common sense” gun control measures.

A startling trend among the responders was that they wanted to ban weapons that were “black and scary,” even if their function was similar to another less “scary” looking gun. Some even mistook some rifles to be fully automatic — a class of weapon which has been heavily regulated since 1934 — while others used incorrect terminology, like “fully semi-automatic,” when describing the guns in front of them.

The term “assault weapon” gets thrown around a lot — but it’s not actually a technical term at all. It was invented by politicians with an agenda. It’s not an actual classification of a weapon, as neither the military nor gun manufacturers use that term. “Fully semi-automatic,” isn’t a real term either: fully automatic weapons fire multiple rounds with one pull of the trigger, while semi-automatic weapons fire only one round per trigger pull.

Despite knowing next to nothing about the guns they wanted to ban, the gun controllers were frighteningly quick to sign a petition in favor of making firearms illegal to purchase or possess.

This isn’t anything new. Politicians and the media are able to perpetuate lies about guns and gun violence all the time because the public knows so little about guns or the laws that regulate.