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The Factual Feminist: Women In Philosophy, Wage Gaps, And Gender Sterotypes

Christina Hoff Sommers joins Mollie Hemingway on the Federalist Radio Hour.


Christina Hoff Sommers, resident scholar at AEI and the Factual Feminist, joined Mollie Hemingway, senior editor at The Federalist, in the studio today to discuss the gendering of children’s toys, the Netflix show “Stranger Things”, why women aren’t majoring in philosophy, and why women should have more children, earlier in life.

The White House recently hosted a day-long summit to address gender stereotypes in media and toys. “Can you show me if girls play with dolls that mean they’re not going to be a doctor or a psychiatrist or even an engineer?” Sommers said. “It’s just an age-old feminist fairytale that if you change the way children play, you’ll change the world.”

Sommers shared her study on a group of feminist philosophers are convinced that women philosophy majors are discriminated against and driven away from the field by sexism. “I have a PHD in philosophy and I never knew the field was rigged against me,” Sommers said.

Later in the hour, they discussed the myth of the gender wage gap and why they believe women who have more children lead more fulfilling lives. “I just want people to consider this as a model, but it’s sort of looked upon with shame, that women would withdraw from the workplace and take care of kids,” Sommers said. “I’m not saying not to work, but it should be treated respectfully, more than it is.”

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