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Where Trump Voters Come From And The Future Of The GOP

NBC News Reporter Benjy Sarlin reports back from Cleveland today on Federalist Radio.


Benjy Sarlin, political reporter at MSNBC and NBC news, returned from Cleveland to share some of the most surprising parts of the Republican convention and share some of his data-driven reporting after following the Trump campaign for the last year.

Sarlin’s reporting looks at the county data of where Trump won primaries as well as demographic information of who was voting. “It was a small plurality that kept growing as it went on,” he said. “When we looked at how the first six weeks of the primaries played out vs. the second six weeks, is that group of people has a very distinct identity. There were a lot of markers that separated them from Trump support now.”

In talking to dozens of well-known republicans across the spectrum, Sarlin hopes to get a sense of what the future of the party will look like, win or lose. “It has just destroyed assumptions of what the republican party is on a policy level,” he said.

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