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The Best Tweets About The RNC Dumpster Fire In Cleveland


After GOP leaders in Cleveland quashed a last-ditch effort to reject Donald Trump, the RNC turned into a dumpster fire, which the Internet captured in tweets.


After party leaders quashed a last-ditch effort by grassroots conservatives to consider rules that could release the Republican Party from Donald Trump, the Republican National Committee in Cleveland turned into a raging dumpster fire. The Internet wasted no time in epitomizing the scene in hilarious fashion.

In a process that’s still a bit mysterious, the RNC overlords disqualified several states that filed a request for a roll call vote to change the convention rules.

Many think this was an attempt by RNC Chairman Reince Priebus to force members of the GOP to get behind Trump, but what resulted was chaos.

The Internet wasted no time in tweeting out GIFs depicting the insanity. Here’s a few of the best.


Basically, yes.


Nothing to see here…

“This is fine!” said Priebus, probably.

Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) and former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, who led the fight for the roll call vote to change to convention rules, were visibly livid over the GOP’s decision to ignore them.

Cleveland in general is kind of a free-for-all right now. Here’s a few other tweets capturing the feverish insanity going down this week.

This crazy woman dominating the convention floor.

Well, he’s not wrong…

Lol embarrassing.

Never change, Cleveland.