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Breaking News Alert Surprise! Young Chiefs Fan Targeted By Deadspin's Phony Blackface Hoax Is Native American

Radio on Katie Couric, Feminist Ghostbusters, and The National Spelling Bee

Mollie Hemingway and David Harsanyi host today’s Federalist Radio Hour


Mollie Hemingway and David Harsanyi, senior editors at The Federalist, discussed documentary making in light of last week’s backlash against Katie Couric’s deceptive editing in her documentary on gun control.

“There’s really no debate about whether the Couric documentary was deceptive,” Hemingway said. “Once the perpetrator has admitted to the crime, you don’t really need to keep on saying ‘alleged.'”

Harsanyi and Hemingway discuss the upcoming “Ghostbusters” remake and Sony’s attempt to save it from tanking. “I hate that politics and identity politics are attached to almost everything these days,” Harsanyi said. “I just want to see funny movies.”

The year’s National Spelling Bee ended in a tie for the third consecutive year. “I am totally opposed to the idea of co-champions. I think it’s un-American,” Hemingway said. “So much about life right now…you get a participation trophy, you get accolades regardless of whether you deserve them or not. But a spelling bee is a really nice contest of skill and I’m glad that our country still celebrates it.”

Listen now: