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Watch Hillary Clinton Lie For 13 Minutes Straight

hillary clinton

Hillary Clinton lies. A lot. About gay marriage. About being pinned down by sniper fire. About everything. Here’s footage of her lying for 13 straight minutes.


Hillary Clinton is a lying liar who lies. She lies about cattle futures, about e-mail servers, about women who were assaulted by her husband. She lies about her position on gay marriage, her trip to Bosnia, and who’s to blame for the recession.

One minute, she’s against gay marriage, the next, she’s all about it — and tries to pretend like she was in favor of it all along. Seriously, you have to watch her lies back to back to back to back to back to back to really grasp how much she lies:

In 2002, Clinton was asked if she thought the state should recognize gay marriage. She said “no” unequivocally.

“I believe marriage is, not just a bond, but a sacred bond between a man and a woman,” she declared on the Senate floor in 2004.

She recently reversed her position on gay marriage, and has since spun this decision as a come-to-Jesus-moment in which she finally saw the light and changed her mind. When asked if she flip-flopped on gay marriage for political reasons, Clinton has flatly denied it.

In a recent Democratic debate with Bernie Sanders, Clinton claimed that she had rebuked Wall Street for playing fast and loose with the housing market in 2007, just before the housing crash that plunged the country into economic recession. But in a speech she gave in 2007, Clinton — who’s collected untold amounts of cash from big Wall Street banks like Goldman Sachs — blamed the housing crisis on home buyers for getting into a house they couldn’t afford.

During her failed presidential campaign in 2008, Clinton said time and time again that she faced danger during a trip she took to Bosnia as first lady in 1996. But footage of the day in question shows Clinton greeting a young girl on the tarmac — not running from the airplane and ducking under sniper fire like she had previously stated.

“You know, I get accused of being kinda moderate and center — I plead guilty,” she said during a trip to Ohio. But in a recent Democratic debate, CNN’s Anderson Cooper asked Clinton asked if she would call herself a “moderate” or a “progressive.”

“A progressive!” she exclaimed.