The Federalist Staff On What’s Next For Trump And The GOP

The Federalist Staff On What’s Next For Trump And The GOP

The Federalist team recently weighed in on-screen on the effect Donald Trump’s campaign has had on the GOP thus far and what’s next for conservatives.

Federalist senior contributor D.C. McAllister joined Sean Hannity on Fox News Thursday night to explain how the Republican Party can be unified going forward, despite a tumultuous primary thus far.

“I think you’re going to see an uprising from Trump people, and it’s been ginned up by Donald Trump and irresponsible talking that’s been going on this entire primary season,” she said.

“We have to also put the responsibility on the Trump people for how they have behaved,” McAllister said. “Relentlessly and hostilely going after Cruz supporters and going after anyone in the establishment they appear to be in the establishment — whoever that might be.”

“Take responsibility for your own actions and how you’ve behaved this primary season, clean up the language, show respect, and I think we can have unity,” she said.

Federalist publisher Ben Domenech joined MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Friday to talk about what’s next for the GOP.

“The real problem the party has to face is that it’s gone through a series of elections without working through what they learned from the Bush years, what they’ve learned from the 90s,” he said “There’s never been that process that’s brought them to this new point where they could say ‘This is going to teach us where we ought to go.'”

“The lesson that we’ve taken from this delegate fight I think up to this point is that this is a campaign that doesn’t build a lot of the traditional operations we would expect from a campaign,” he said. “That could have significant down-ballot negative effects this time around for the Republican Party.”

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