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How California Negotiated A Minimum Wage Raise And A Deadlocked Supreme Court

Today’s Federalist Radio Hour explains the why the minimum wage makes it more difficult to find work.


Bre Payton, staff writer at The Federalist, and Bill McMorris, reporter at The Washington Free Beacon, hosted today’s Federalist Radio Hour to discuss labor union cases and the expected minimum wage hikes at both state and federal levels. Later in the hour, The Federalist’s movie critic, Rebecca Cusey reviewed the good and the bad from Batman v. Superman.

Last week, California legislators made some back room negotiations with labor unions to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour in order to prevent a wage hike via a ballot initiative. “What spooked even the democrats in that state is the way that the ballot initiative was worded, basically gave them no contingencies if there is any sort of economic collapse,” McMorris explained. “It’s put the ball back in the court of lawmakers instead of just the voters.”

Among other labor news, the Supreme Court deadlocked on a California teacher’s lawsuit against her union, the California Teachers Association. “Scalia’s death left a vacancy. The liberals all voted together. The conservatives all voted together, and when it’s a 4-4 split, basically the tie produced a victory for the union,” McMorris said.

Expectations for the new movie, Batman v. Superman, were so high so it wasn’t likely that the movie could actually live up to the hype. “It wasn’t a great movie, it’s not going to be remembered for the ages, but it’s a fun movie,” Cusey said. “It’s somewhat incoherent in that even the style of the movie feels like little pieces put together.”

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