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This Week’s Cases Before SCOTUS Threatening Religious Liberty

The Federalist Radio Hour discusses the Little Sisters of the Poor, the HHS Mandate, and other threats to religious liberty.


There have been a number of cases threatening religious liberty at the Supreme Court this year and the death of Justice Antonin Scalia makes the upcoming decisions even more significant. Today’s Federalist Radio Hour featured legal experts following these cases as well as a local Oregon business woman whose own religious liberty has been threatened.

Professor Helen Alvaré teaches law at George Mason University School of Law, and is the founder of Women Speak for Themselves, a community of over 43,000 women activists for both religious freedom and women’s freedom. Alvaré explained the latest on this Wednesday’s oral argument before the Supreme Court in the case of the Little Sisters of the Poor v. Sylvia Burwell.

Harmony Daws, of Oregon, was fired from her job at a housecleaning business after she was nominated president of a local pro-life organization. Daws said she fears Americans’ First Amendment rights are at stake. “I respect [my employer’s] decision to terminate me, even if it was for a horrible reason, but I’m going to turn around and go back to the marketplace,” she said.

Finally, Casey Mattox, senior counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom, discussed the HHS mandate, the recent SCOTUS nomination and the reason for protecting free speech on college campuses.

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