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Mary Katharine Ham: Trump Lies About His Steaks


‘He’s lying about his meat again!’


Federalist senior writer Mary Katharine Ham joined CNN’s primary coverage Tuesday night to discuss the race for the GOP nomination and Donald Trump’s lies about his steaks.

Ham stated that a majority of American voters don’t think Trump is honest, and his recent actions — particularly loudly touting his steaks — haven’t helped him.

“On the stage tonight he’s talking about his steaks, saying: ‘These are my steaks. Look how great they are! This business is not defunct!'” Ham said. “Reporting on the ground shows that there are labels on the steaks that come from a West Palm Beach butcher.”

“They’re not his steaks!” she said. “He’s lying about the steaks!”

To which CNN’s Van Jones quipped: “He’s lying about his meat again!”

During a campaign event Tuesday night, Trump had “his” steaks and wine on display, but reporters were quick to notice that the label on the steaks appeared to be from a local butcher and not from Trump’s longtime defunct steak company. 

Jones’s quip knocked Trump for his repeated attempts to convince everyone that his hands — and his manhood — aren’t tiny.