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Donald Trump Is A Giant [Expletive] Hypocrite

I’m not making a moral judgement about the use of profanity. And neither should Donald Trump.


Listen, I’m not making a moral judgement about the use of profanity. Really, I’m not. Donald Trump won’t be the first or last president of the United States to use four-letter words. Nixon, Johnson, and Kennedy all took full advantage of the English language.

But during the debate, Trump again made a big deal about Vicente Fox’s potty mouth. When asked about the Republican candidate’s plan to fortify the border, the former Mexican president had claimed his country “was not paying for that f***ing wall.” Had Trump dared to use that kind of profanity, it would have sparked an international incident — or so he said. And, consequently, he’s demanded that Fox apologize. And, no doubt, his fans eat up that kind of posturing.

Then, after the debate, I watched in astonishment as Trump not only told CNN that he’d been regularly targeted by the IRS because of his “strong Christian” beliefs, but that he never uses the F word. This can’t be right? Was Trump certain he hadn’t let it slip from time to time before his spiritual awakening? Like maybe a few weeks ago at a campaign rally in Portsmouth, New Hampshire when he was admonishing U.S. companies for relocating overseas? “You can tell them to go f*** themselves,” he told the crowd, “because they let you down and they left.”

Or, how about this 2011 populist sermon in Las Vegas?

Trump doesn’t come across as a newbie who accidentally slips into profanity in a moment of exhilaration. He’s a champ. “We have nobody in Washington that sits back and said, you’re not going to raise that f***ing price,” he says about D.C.’s dealing with OPEC. “Listen, you mother***kers, we’re going to tax you 25 percent,” he imagines himself instructing Mexico. And, to be fair, this is probably the most detailed policy position Trump has offered Americans to date. Again, I’m sure his fans love the sentiment — then again what don’t they love about him?

Trump seemed even less offended by choice words on his Twitter account, where he regularly uses and retweets them. And you should know that your future president isn’t one of these losers who repeats the same things all the time, either. His vocabulary is one of the BEST.

Avert your eyes from this point on if you’re offended by bad words.

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