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Best Tweets Of The Texas Republican Debate

At last night’s Republican debate in Texas, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz finally took on Donald Trump–when moderators didn’t swoop in to rescue him.


Last night, the Republican candidates for president gathered in Houston for the last debate before Super Tuesday. After losses in the last few primaries, the field has thinned to five: Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, John Kasich, Marco Rubio, and Donald Trump.

Since Trump’s smashing victory in the Nevada caucus on Tuesday, observers have wondered: Can Trump be stopped? Will the anti-Trump voters coalesce around one candidate? Will Rubio and Cruz continue to get steamrolled by Trump, or will they finally go on the offense?

On that last question, the answer was clear from the outset. Rubio and Cruz had one thing to deliver to the Donald:
On immigration, Rubio quickly took Trump to task over his history of hiring illegal immigrants for construction projects.

Cruz got in on the action.

The moderators asked Trump for specifics about his Mexican wall plan.

Rubio refused to let up.

Even on the subject of his financial success, Rubio gave Trump the business.

As the debate intensified, the CNN moderators took the occasion to bring in the less popular candidates.

But before long, the three main contenders were back at it. Cruz attacked Trump on judges.

Trump discredited himself on abortion.

And Rubio made short work of Trump’s ideas on replacing Obamacare.

The attacks seemed to be working.

The subject turned to Trump’s long-promised, but still-unreleased tax returns.

His excuse for not releasing them: he’s constantly being audited, so he can’t release them. Twitter wasn’t buying it.

Via Twitter, even Mitt Romney got a jab in at the frontrunner.

Cruz continued the barrage, mentioning Trump’s upcoming civil fraud trial over the problems of his Trump University.

After brief questions to Kasich and Carson…

The debate turned to international affairs. Trump proclaimed himself a yuuuge fan of Israel, and promised to get the deal done on Mideast peace.

The other candidates doubted his ability, and his commitment.

While proclaiming himself righteous among the nations, Trump also declared that the Arab world would be a lot better off with Saddam Hussein and Moammar Qaddafi were still in power.

The CNN moderators had, by this point, lost control of the debate completely.

After closing statements, the evening drew to a close. There will be reams of commentary written about the debate this week, but in this case, a picture really does speak a thousand words: