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Weird Twitter Playlists, Vol. I

Friends of the Federalist share their top tracks.


Federalist editors have asked friends and strangers alike to share their favorite songs and curate playlists of the tracks they’ve been listening to. You can follow The Federalist’s Spotify account as our collection grows, or listen below. First up, Rich Cromwell, aggregator of weird Twitter, asked some of his fellow tweeps to share their jams.

Valerie Williams, @ValeeGrrl

When I get my kids ready for school in the morning, my goal is twofold–to give them 20 minutes or so to run off a little energy since their recess is so short (THANKS COMMON CORE) and to send them to school in a great mood. I firmly believe getting their blood pumping first thing in the morning helps them focus better and as a bonus, we have a total blast. These songs were all hand-picked by my kids as their favorites but we have so many more. I love to sing and dance and we’ve been doing Mommy-Kid Dance Parties since they were babies. Some of my best memories with my kids are when we’re all silly and dancing. This list totally gives a feel for those moments. @ValeeGirrl is the weekend editor for Scary Mommy.


My playlist is a reflection on the 2016 elections, specifically the Republican primary. Without giving too much away, the central themes are The Establishment vs the outsiders, a party hell bent on eating their own, and the general brutality of a primary fight. For a quick gauge of how cheerful this list is, refer to song 10.

Marl Beans, @Marlebean

Though most of her time is spent jammin’ to kid music and cleaning play-doh out of the carpet, Marlebean enjoys getting pumped up on her drive to work with these great songs. And if anyone asks, she’s only drinks all that wine to collect corks for a Pinterest project.


Featuring experimental guitar riffs, inspired lyrics, playful flirtatiousness, political protest, brazen attitude, and unchained personality: these top ten selections cover a spectrum going back to the 60’s (come on, let’s admit music before the 60’s was boring).