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Myron Ebell Returns From Paris Climate Conference With Concerns

Ebell says the Paris agreement is a potential disaster for humankind, and not beneficial to the planet.


Myron Ebell, director of the Center for Energy and Environment at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, attended the framework conference on climate change in Paris a few weeks ago. He joined to Federalist Radio Hour to discuss what is in the agreement, what it’s about, what it means for Global Warming, and what it doesn’t.

“I don’t want to say it’s a disaster, but I think it is potentially a disaster for humankind and not necessarily any good for the planet,” Ebell said.

Ebell noted that both President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have been saying for years that our biggest security threat is Global Warming. “This is an attempt to change the subject. It’s to get off real dealing with problems that have very serious dangers and consequences and moving to this kind of feel-good issue of global warming.”

Later in the hour, Doug Domenech joined the conversation on how these new regulations will have an impact at the state level. Domenech is the director of the Fueling Freedom Project at the Texas Public Policy Foundation and former Virginia Secretary of Natural Resources.

State policies that claim to have a big environmental benefit and small economic cost, are actually creating economic stagnation at the state level. “The administration’s big climate program is the Clean Power Plan and has been finalized by the EPA and published in the federal register about two months ago and what you saw was immediately 27 states filed suits in the courts,” Domenech said. “It’s going to boil down to the state level.”

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