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McKay Coppins Shares Behind-The-Scenes Stories About Republican Leaders

What did Ted Cruz learn from Rand Paul? What makes Rubio feel insecure? Who is really behind Trump’s tweets?


What lessons has Ted Cruz learned from Rand Paul? What makes Marco Rubio feel insecure? And who is really behind Donald Trump’s tweets? McKay Coppins, senior political writer at Buzzfeed News, used his unparalleled access to Republican presidential candidates and Tea Party leaders into write his new book, The Wilderness. He shared many of those behind-the-scenes stories and anecdotes about the Republican Party on today’s Federalist Radio Hour.

Coppins said that Trump is taping into an anxiety and feeling of abandonment that is coursing through a lot of Americans. “We may forget or not realize, that Trump’s brand…was always built on the idea that he wad the billionaire for the blue collar masses,” he said. “He lives an outlandish, cartoonish lifestyle, that he believes represents what a lot of ordinary people would do if they had a millions dollars.”

The reporter and author also shared his view of the Rubio-Cruz feud and the differences, or lack thereof, between their current foreign policies. “Generally they have very similar positions,” he said. “I’m not sure that this is going to be a wedge that makes a big difference in the Republican primary.”

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