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The Urbanophile Illustrates Gentrification, Infrastructure and the NYPD

Is there a correlation between bike lanes and gentrification and what does a member of the Republican base say about the establishment?


Aaron Renn, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute for policy research and founder of the Urbanophile, is on a mission to help American cities thrive and find success in sustainability. The Urbanophile joined the show today to discuss issues, from bike lanes to gentrification, that urban residents and local governments are finding in the 21st century.

Renn said that in order to understand cities, we have understand their diversity and how the radical differences between cities create radically different problems.

“One of things I don’t think people realize is the extent to which New York really cleaned up the police department,” he said. “The Chicago police didn’t go under nearly the amount of reform.”

Later in the hour, Renn shares about his father, a retired resident of rural southern Indiana, who offers an explanation for why the Republican base hates the GOP establishment and loves Donald Trump.

“It seemed to me that so much of the Republican establishment seems completely mystified by things like the Trump phenomenon, and the anger of the base and they certainly haven’t found an answer to it,” Renn said. “He’s all in favor of Trump basically destroying the Republican party.”

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