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Is Jeb Bush Getting Ready To Drop Out Of The Race?

With new reports that Jeb’s campaign is hemorrhaging cash and slashing staff salaries, it might be time to start asking when, not if, Jeb will drop out.


Jeb Bush has been having a rough couple of days.

According to Politico, Jeb has decided to cut the salaries of all his campaign staff in an effort to save dwindling funds. Employees were informed that their salaries would be reduced during a conference call this morning.

The move to cut staffers salaries makes sense, as Bush has been hemorrhaging cash for a while now. The most recent financial disclosure reports reveal that Bush burned through 86 percent of the $13.4 million he raised over the past three months. He currently has less cash on hand than opponents Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Ben Carson. This recent cutback is only the latest of his campaign’s attempts to trim down costs. Over the past several months, staffers salaries have been incrementally slashed and the campaign has been staying in cheaper hotels when they travel.

Money woes aren’t Bush’s only concern, though. He’s been slipping in the polls lately and has been struggling to gain double-digit favorability among voters in key states like Iowa and New Hampshire. He currently is tied for fifth place in Iowa with Carly Fiorina and is trailing behind Carson, Donald Trump, Cruz, and Rubio.

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Thursday night, Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly didn’t pull any punches against the two-term former governor of Florida.

“What would it take for you to drop out?” she asked.


“I’m not getting out,” Bush said. “I believe we have a plan to be very competitive in the early states. We have the resources to stay with this…I never thought it would be easy and it certainly hasn’t been. And I believe that I’m gonna win the nomination.”