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Breaking News Alert This Week In Lawfare Land: 'Deadly Force'

Rep. Dave Brat On Paul Ryan And The Revival Of Gilmore Girls

Congressman Dave Brat says the Freedom Caucus is concerned about fixing the House’s process before electing a dynamic speaker.


The conversation on Capitol Hill over the past few days has been circling around Paul Ryan and the open job for Speaker of the House. The Federalist Radio Hour was joined by Congressman Dave Brat of Virginia who said he was most interested in evaluating the process of Congress and getting back to regular order.

“If you get to regular order, then you won’t have to vacate the chair,” Brat said. “If you throw the most dynamic person into a broken process, we just expect more of the same.”

Brat said that Congress promises a lot of budget dollars to a lot people and that correcting it starts with transparency. “The American people are starting to finally catch on. It’s better than House of Cards, this is really going on,” he said.

Bre Payton, staff writer for The Federalist, joined the show to discuss today’s news that Joe Biden will not be running for president.

“I was not surprised at all,” Payton said. “If you were the Vice President and wanted to run for President your whole life but always knew that it wasn’t necessarily a possibility, I can see it being way more fun fooling everyone and then doing these backdoor passive aggressive comments.”

The other big announcement buzzing on the internet this week was Netflix’s news that they are working on a Gilmore Girls revival. They plan to add four 90-minute episodes to the streaming service.

Kevin T. Porter, co-host of the popular Gilmore Guys podcast, tells us what he expects from the series and how the show’s audience helped in bringing the show back.

“I think what we’ve seen in the last three or four years is when something is not on streaming services… it kind of disappears from the public conscious or at least from the conversation,” Porter said.

Porter said the Gilmore Guys podcast is merely a reflection of a community that brought it back. “At the end of the day we help make the show continue to feel more current, and now the show is going to be literally more current because there is more story to tell.”

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