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Hey Ladies: Your Desk Chairs Aren’t Sexist


I hear you sister, the office AC is usually set at an ungodly temperature. But desk chairs aren’t sexist, and no man is stopping you from buying a new one.


I hear you, sister: the office AC is usually set at an ungodly temperature.

We’ve kept cardigans at our desks to fight off the arctic chill in classrooms, cubicles, coffee shops, and basically everywhere all the time. I’ve suffered, you’ve suffered, we’ve all suffered at the hands of metabolic rates of middle-aged men from the 1960s. (Do metabolic rates of the past have hands? If they do, they’re giving us the chills.) We get it, Washington Post: men rule the world and are out to keep us girls down by setting the thermostat at 65 degrees all the time.

But Refinery 29 is taking this AC battle to the next level. In a list of 10 things in the office more sexist than the temperature, they call out desk chairs, the bathroom, and heels as being part of the sexist plot against us.

Their points on paid maternity leave and misogynistic attitudes that can make a workplace unpleasant are valid, but battling office furniture and shoes is just absurd. If high heels are uncomfortable, don’t wear them. You can buy flat dress shoes, after all. If your office desk chair is uncomfortable, purchase a new one or invest in a standing desk. No man is stopping you.

Not long ago, women weren’t allowed to vote or own property, and there weren’t many career options for those of us with double x chromosomes. Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers fought for the freedom and independence we get to enjoy today, and they would probably be ashamed if they could see us squawking about footwear and chairs that are totally optional. Let’s not squander our opportunity at a fulfilling career by complaining about office furniture. Just go buy something you like.