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A New Kind of Newsman, Chris Moody Explains Why Viral Politics Matter

Chris Moody joins Ben to explain why he tells the story behind the headlines.


Plenty of journalists cover day-to-day politics. Chris Moody does that and more. The Senior Reporter for CNN Politics, Moody reports on policy, politicking, and the often-unseen personalities that make the headlines.

Today on Federalist Radio, Moody joins Ben to explain why he has gone surfing, off-roading, and literally logrolling with members of Congress.

“Policy should be covered very seriously,” he says, “but politicians and politics is very strange. I try to show a different side while also telling an important story.”

Later during the hour, Congresswoman Stacey Plaskett of the Virgin Islands argues that Alexander Hamilton deserves to stay on the ten-dollar bill, while Andrew Jackson should lose the twenty.

What woman would she like to see on American currency? Harriet Tubman.

Click here to listen, or use the embedded clip below.