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Planned Parenthood Partner: Baby Organ Trafficking = “Financial Profits”

Planned Parenthood

An advertisement from a major Planned Parenthood partner boasts of the financial profits that come from trafficking body parts taken from aborted babies.


An advertisement from StemExpress, one of Planned Parenthood’s partners, boasts of the “financial profits” that come from harvesting and distributing body parts and organs taken from aborted unborn babies.

The advertisement, which lists the many benefits of using StemExpress to distribute harvested human organs, explicitly highlights the financial rewards that come from aborting healthy unborn babies and then harvesting their bodies for organs and other tissue.

“Easy To Implement + Financial Profits,” blares one of the main headings in the StemExpress pamphlet.

“StemExpress promotes global biomedical research while also providing a financial benefit to your clinic,” reads one excerpt from the ad. Another section from the pamphlet says that StemExpress’s program also “fiscally rewards clinics” that choose to enroll.

Financial Profits Baby Organs

An official from Planned Parenthood is even directly quoted in the advertisement praising the many benefits of partnering with StemExpress.

Although the company appears to specialize in the collection and distribution of stem cells, its advertisement also explicitly refers to “raw materials” resulting from abortions — materials such as human organs, tissues, and body parts — and how their distribution can contribute to the “fiscal growth” of participating abortion clinics.

The ad references the financial benefits of harvesting human body parts at least three times.

The StemExpress marketing material was obtained by the Center for Medical Progress, a non-profit that also released damning video of a senior Planned Parenthood official trying to sell body parts taken from aborted babies. In the video, the official brags about how she aborts babies in such a way that their body parts can be harvested and later sold.

You can see the full, unedited video here.