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7 Junk Foods That Would Turn Jeb’s Campaign Around

Jeb Bush should stop being a Debbie Downer and pick up a Little Debbie cake, stat.


A leaner, meaner Jeb Bush has been blazing the campaign trail and is reportedly hangry all the time. After adopting the paleo diet, which consists of eating mostly meat, and fresh fruits and veggies, he has lost 30 pounds, according to the New York Times.

In the process, Jeb has (understandably) become a total Debbie Downer, who refuses stacks of pancakes on campaign stops, and complains about being hungry all the time. The poor guy has to be reminded to smile, but when he goes off-script, like that time when he talked about how he met his wife and cheated on his diet with Jimmy Fallon, it’s a lot of fun for voters to watch.

Here are 7 junk foods Jeb should indulge in that could really help turn his campaign around: