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Beyonce’s VMA ‘Feminist’ Claim Is Hilarious

Beyonce proclaimed herself a feminist last night and Cosmopolitan magazine and other media bowed down. But the rest of us just found it really funny.


I love me some Beyoncé but I don’t worship her as many other people do. In fact, I think of her public persona more as product than artist. But, you know, product you can shake your booty to sometimes, which is better than other products.

Anyway, Bey had the final performance at last night’s Video Music Awards on MTV and it included this scene:


The vast majority of Americans do not identify as feminists, to the consternation of the feminist-heavy media and elites. One HuffPost/YouGov poll showed that only 23 percent of women and 16 percent of men consider themselves feminists. “Feminism is the radical notion that women are people” the cliche goes. If only that were true! If it were true, we’d all be feminists. But clearly the vast majority of us have noticed that much of feminism is not about that at all. I noticed early on that it seemed to be about left-wing politics, misandry and an inconsistent view about distinctions between the sexes. Women were held to be identical to men when it was convenient to make that argument and were held to be radically different from men when it was convenient to make that argument.

Anyway, y’all, Bey is totally a feminist. Twitter had some fun with it:


Sure, why not? (And yes, that second image was from the very same performance. My Twitter feed just scrolled “butts” as that happened.)

My favorite unintentionally hilarious tweet came from Cosmo:


Yes, if you go to Cosmopolitan at this very moment, you will be sent into a celebrity gossip rag/shame spiral of sexual insecurity but they are totally down with the feminist battle, yo. Or as this woman put it:


Another funny one:


And yet some people on Twitter really thought this was deeply meaningful:


James Poulos reflected on the branding of Beyoncé at the expense of artistic quality. As Twitter spasmed itself into adoration of its high priestess, he sounded a few cautionary words:




Feminism’s problems are so big that even Beyonce co-opting the descriptor for a hyper-choreographed performance isn’t going to solve them. Anyway, enjoy Beyoncé. I do. But maybe ease up on the devotion just a tad.