Rich Cromwell
Rich Cromwell
Rich Cromwell
Richard Cromwell is a senior contributor to The Federalist. Husband. Father of three rambunctious daughters. Arkansan. Fan of whiskey and whisky. Originally an English major, Rich earned a degree in music business from Belmont in 2002. By day he produces shows and events for a local museum with a focus on giving back to the community. His writing can also be found at Pocket Full of Liberty. Follow him on Twitter, @rcromwell4.
This Week In Weird Twitter, Volume 51

Happy birthday, Mr. President. Happy birthday to you.

With ‘A Moon Shaped Pool,’ Radiohead Is Good Again

Radiohead’s latest album offers a return to form for the ever-evolving band, as well as an opportunity for introspection.

This Week In Weird Twitter, Volume 50

Let’s sit around the campfire and tell tales. Don’t worry about the guy in the hockey mask with the machete, he’s probably cool.

This Week In Weird Twitter, Volume 49

Gather ‘round, children, and imbibe the ceremonial drink of mothers everywhere.

This Week In Weird Twitter, Volume 48

‘Hurt feelings are bound to happen. Just bliss out and fantasize a lot and wear rainbows.’

Lena Dunham Is The Donald Trump Of Baby Boomer Feminism

Lena Dunham isn’t an original; she’s caricature of what she thinks her feminist predecessors and mentors expect her to be.

This Week In Weird Twitter, Volume 47

Remember, only you can prevent forest fires. And Zeus. He really should get more blame.

Bernie Sanders Is Getting Jobbed

While the fight on the Right has centered around ‘the establishment,’ it’s on the Left where the establishment is actually ignoring voters for Bernie Sanders.

AMC Must Allow Texting In Theaters

Use your strength, o theater chain, to help us reclaim liberté, égalité, et fraternité.

This Week In Weird Twitter, Volume 46

Prepare to be inspired.

Bree Olson Shows Porn Doesn’t Have To Be Forever

Bree Olson left her porn career behind, and now it’s time for us to join her.

The Millennial Guide To Defeating ISIS

‘Defeat’ is a harsh way to put it.

Selective Boycotts Over Trans Bathroom Laws Show The Hypocrisy Of Progressive Activists

It seems Bryan Adams isn’t troubled enough about bigotry to skip countries where women and LGBT folks are jailed and abused. But he will skip Mississippi.

This Week In Weird Twitter, Volume 45

Let them eat cake.

This Week In Weird Twitter, Volume 44

Nature is coming back in a big way and that may not be a good thing.

This Week In Weird Twitter, Volume 43

Spring is definitely violent. It has, for example, man buns.

A Guide To The Best And Worst Easter Treats Known To Man

If the world truly were good, and God real and loving, why would Peeps exist?

This Week In Weird Twitter, Volume 42

Once there was a shoemaker, although you now know him by a different name.

This Week In Weird Twitter, Volume 41

On this day in history, many things happened. Now this roundup is one of them. You’re welcome.

Kim Kardashian Trolls The Perpetual Outrage Machine

In a time in which outrage is all the rage, maybe we do need a woman who promises to break the Internet.