Rich Cromwell
Rich Cromwell
Rich Cromwell
Richard Cromwell is a senior contributor to The Federalist. Husband. Father of three rambunctious daughters. Arkansan. Fan of whiskey and whisky. Originally an English major, Rich earned a degree in music business from Belmont in 2002. By day he produces shows and events for a local museum with a focus on giving back to the community. His writing can also be found at Pocket Full of Liberty. Follow him on Twitter, @rcromwell4.
This Week In Weird Twitter, Volume 8

The town criers locked and loaded their battle wind chimes, sending their nightmarish bells ringing out. Hearing their call, half of us strode forth, cautious, and embraced the new.

This Week In Weird Twitter, Volume 83

As the Knights Templar foretold, as the shadows pass the day, in this sign thou shall conquer.

This Week In Weird Twitter, Volume 82

Sit back, ponder an age come and past.

This Week In Weird Twitter, Volume 81

‘You say it’s your birthday? It’s my birthday too!’ What a coincidence.

This Week In Weird Twitter, Volume 80

The Ghosts of Christmas Past: ‘Take Heed, Rise, and Walk with Me.’

The Man’s Guide To Wrapping Christmas Presents

Learn to be the king of wrap. There is none higher. Sucker present-wrappers will call you sire.

This Week In Weird Twitter, Volume 79

For your Christmas card, instead of capturing that one perfect moment when no one is crying, just go for it. Let the shriek flag fly.

This Week In Weird Twitter, Volume 78

You better not pout, you better not cry. You better not pout, I’m telling you why: Santa Claus is gunning you down.

Stop Trying To Womansplain Our Miserable Man Colds

Our brains are on fire, our noses incapable of drawing oxygen, our skulls on the verge of exploding, and we can’t find an angry mountain lion on Amazon Prime to come dispatch us.

This Week In Weird Twitter, Volume 77

I’m giving you a choice: either put on these glasses or start eatin’ that trash can.

Pardoning Thanksgiving Turkeys Is The Epitome Of Privilege

Stop rubbing our noses in your wealth and status and instead let us inhale the delicious scent of freedom.

This Week In Weird Twitter, Volume 76

Sing me the songs of dark magic, oh weird Twitter.

This Week In Weird Twitter, Volume 75

Let us come together with Bigfoot and ride a comet into eternity, baby.

The Cubs Didn’t Need An Election To Prove America Is Already Great

Cubs win! It’s a useful reminder that it’s not politics that makes America what we are, but we the people.

This Week In Weird Twitter, Volume 74

On Sunday, we shall decide. Do we accept our overlords, or do we reject them? Do we embrace agrarian myths, or do we do battle against lies concerning lamp oil?

A Syrian Refugee Speaks: There Is No Easy Solution To Our Crisis

Christians in Syria face religious persecution and even genocide. How should we respond to their plight? One refugee gives a nuanced perspective.

Don’t Be A Witch: Give Kids Yummy Candy For Halloween, Not Apples Or Toys

There are times to make a point, and there are times to hand over a Snickers. Halloween is a time for the latter.

This Week In Weird Twitter, Volume 73

Let’s take a trip through the Hundred Acre Wood.

This Week In Weird Twitter, Volume 72

The universe is large, it contains multitudes—including parallel ones in which poets are assassins.

Rejoice! Baby Boomers’ Reign Of Electoral Terror Is Coming To An End

After one of these parasitic Baby Boomers is elected president, there will be much rending of cloth and gnashing of teeth. Then life will continue pretty much apace.