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Federalist Radio: Security Clearances Are Not Essential To Free Speech

Columnist and writer Michael Tracey joins Ben Domenech on this episode of the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss Russian trolls, John Brennan, and Alex Jones.

Here’s What Is Happening In Turkey: Sanctions, Erdogan, And Border Conflicts

On this episode of the Federalist Radio Hour, national security expert Nick Danforth explains the impact of President Trump’s sanctions on Turkey.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Unleashed: America ‘Was Never That Great’

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat locked in bitter primary campaign, declared during a speech on Wednesday that ‘America was never great.’

Podcast: Author Makes The Case For Removing Your Child From Public School

Author Mary Rice Hasson argues that public schools are now poisonous for the hearts and minds of children from religious families of every faith.

Can Silicon Valley Fix Their Free Speech Problem?

Elizabeth Dwoskin, Silicon Valley Correspondent, joins Federalist Radio to discuss Alex Jones, Twitter, and how Congress might try to regulate big tech companies.

The Federalist Radio Hour Music Edition: Sex Pistols, R.E.M, The Replacements

David Harsanyi and Mark Hemingway debate their favorite artists and albums, and dive deep into the punk and rock music scenes of the ’70s and ’80s.

Can This Online Social Network Bring Neighbors Together Offline?

Most social media is known for spurring fights and dividing users further apart. The website Nextdoor says they are trying to do the opposite.

How Paid Leave Policy And Social Engineering Impact Women And Families

Policy Analyst Vanessa Brown Calder joins Federalist Radio to discuss policies aimed at working women and families like childcare, paid leave, and housing.

Interview: North Korean Defector Shares Her Story Of Torture, Escape, And Freedom

“We thought we would die in North Korea because it was exposed to the government that we believed in Christianity.”

Watch: David Marcus At The Smithsonian Discuss The State Of The Arts In America

The Smithsonian’s Second Opinion digital platform tackles the state of the arts in America, featuring The Federalist’s very own David Marcus.

Podcast: Political Economics And The New Labor Market

Oren Cass talks economic progress, welfare, and how we can strengthen the labor market on this episode of the Federalist Radio Hour.

Federalist Radio Hour Music Edition: David Bowie, New Order, And The Smiths

Mollie Hemingway, David Harsanyi, and Mark Hemingway host a round table conversation on their favorite artists, albums, and decades of music.

Sex Neuroscientist Says Sex Differences Are Biological, Not A Social Construct

On this episode of the Federalist Radio Hour, Dr. Debra Soh discusses brain imaging, differences between women and men, and gender-neutral parenting.

Interview: Dennis Prager On Western Values, Jewish Leftism, And Censorship

Prager talks with Ben Weingarten about his conservative views, religiosity, reason versus emotion, Western values in immigration policy, and social media.

Multiple People Arrested For Threatening Republican Reps. Scalise And Smith

Two people were arrested for threatening Republican congressmen Chris Smith, of New Jersey, and Steve Scalise, of Louisiana, who survived being shot last year by a politically driven shooter.

‘Conservative Millennial’ Allie Stuckey Talks Comedy, Kardashians, And Self-Care

Blogger and podcaster Allie Beth Stuckey joins Federalist Radio to discuss the narcissism of pop culture and her message to conservative millennials.

New York Times Hires Left-Wing Writer With Long History Of Racist Tweets

The New York Times editorial board on Monday announced the hiring of Sarah Jeong, a left-wing writer with a long trail of racist tweets.

How Conservatives Benefit From A Disrupted Media Industry

Actor, author, and commentator Michael Knowles joins this episode of Federalist Radio to discuss Hollywood, comedy, and owning the libs.

Podcast: The Church’s #MeToo Moment, Israel, And Religion Reporting

Religion reporter Emma Green joins Federalist Radio to discuss big stories happening in religious communities in America and in the Middle East.

Hemingway And Harsanyi: Collusion, FISA Documents, And Comedy

Mollie Hemingway and David Harsanyi host this episode of Federalist Radio to discuss the debatable definition of collusion and the legal problem with it.