The Federalist Staff
Shane Harris: Wikileaks, Hacking, And FBI Investigating Trump-Russia Links

National security reporter Shane Harris joins Federalist Radio to discuss the recent news surrounding the FBI, CIA, and the intel community.

Podcast: A Scientific Narrative Of Memory, Amnesia, And The Human Brain

Michael Lemonick joins the Federalist Radio Hour to share one woman’s unique story about memory loss and her life in the “perpetual now.”

Podcast: Lessons Learned On Faith In Politics In The Obama White House

Michael Wear joins Federalist Radio to discuss his experiences working on faith-based issues and outreach in the Obama White House.

Good Guy With A Gun Saves State Trooper From ‘Savage’ Attack

An armed citizen was able to stop a crazed attacker and save a state trooper’s life with the help of his gun, CNN reported.

FDRLST Radio: This Week In The Trump Administration With Rebecca Berg

On the Federalist Radio Hour, political reporter Rebecca Berg and Mary Katharine Ham discuss this week’s stories from Capitol Hill and the White House.

Don Boudreaux On Free Trade, American Manufacturing, And Economics

Economics professor Don Boudreaux joins Federalist Radio to discuss why many Americans are misinformed about the impacts free trade has on their lives.

Rod Dreher On The Future Of Christianity In A Post-Christian Nation

Rod Dreher joins The Federalist Radio Hour to discuss “The Benedict Option” and what he believes is the best strategy for preserving Christian communities.

Interview With Alejandro Villanueva: U.S. Army Ranger And NFL Offensive Lineman

Joining this episode of Federalist Radio is Alejandro Villanueva, an offensive tackle for the Pittsburgh Steelers, U.S. Army Captain, and Bronze Star recipient.

Podcast With Peter Suderman On SXSW, Paul Ryan, And Monster Movies

Peter Suderman, editor at Reason, joins Federalist Radio to discuss Republicans mess of health care plan and why Samuel L. Jackson is in every movie.

Everything You Need To Know About The GOP Health Care Plan

Philip Klein, author of ‘Overcoming Obamacare,’ joins Federalist Radio to discuss how House Republicans are planning to repeal and replace.

Cancer Patient Targeted By Samantha Bee: ‘Half Apologizing For Offending Someone Is Not Apologizing’

A brain cancer patient attacked by Samantha Bee’s TV show for having “Nazi hair” blasted the comedian for only “half-apologizing” for the slur against him.

Podcast: White Privilege, Victimhood, And Race Issues On College Campuses

Scott Greer, author of “No Campus For White Men” joins the Federalist Radio Hour to share his coverage of racially-charged conflicts on college campuses.

Podcast: Exposing The Tricks Of D.C. Politicians, And A Note For Our Listeners

Author David Schoenbrod joins Federalist Radio to explain how our elected officials in DC are the root of our broken political system.

Podcast: Protests, Women’s Strike, And Why HBO’s ‘Girls’ Is Actually Conservative

Washington Post writer and editor, Christine Emba, joins The Federalist Radio Hour with Mollie Hemingway to talk feminism, sex, politics and more.

How To Use Imagination In Politics, Entertainment, And Playboy

Author Brian Reich joins the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss the parts of American culture that need to harness the power of the human imagination.

Podcast: DNC Politics, Lent, Russia, And Academy Awards

Mollie Hemingway and David Harsanyi host this Friday’s episode of The Federalist Radio Hour.

Jonah Goldberg: Media, Conservatives, And Problematic Technological Advances

Jonah Goldberg joins the Federalist Radio Hour to recount this week’s media freak-outs and the response to Donald Trump’s address to Congress.

How To Find, Share, And Experience Current Bands And New Artists

Billy Rosenbeck joins Federalist Radio to discuss his love for Josh Ritter and give his advice on the best ways to consume today’s best music.

Trump Didn’t Exploit Carryn Owens, He Honored Her Fallen Husband

Members of the media said Trump exploited Carryn Owens’ tragedy during his congressional address. Federalist senior writer Mary Katharine Ham disagrees.

An Alpha Female’s Guide To Men And Saving Your Marriage From Feminist Rage

Author Suzanne Venker joins the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss how strong women can avoid the marriage troubles that come with being an alpha wife.