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Hemingway And Harsanyi Talk Comey Memos, Mueller Probe, And Hannity

Mollie Hemingway and David Harsanyi host this edition of the Federalist Radio Hour, discussing Comey’s book tour, collusion coverage, and new music.

Radio: America’s Biggest Military Concerns In Russia, Syria, And Congress’s Authority

Lt. Col. Daniel Davis joins Federalist Radio to discuss the foreign policy leaders surrounding President Trump and what role Congress plays in our foreign engagements.

Podcast: Dating, Campus Rape Culture, And Remembering Barbara Bush

On this episode of Federalist Radio Hour, Bre Payton and Ashe Schow discuss issues like dating, sexual assault, the gender wage gap, and feminism.

Mike Lee’s New Project Measures Social Capital And The Closeness Of Communities

Senator Mike Lee and Director of the Social Capital Project Scott Winship share what they found in measuring a unique cross of data of American communities.

Lionel Shriver Discusses Writing Novels, Censorship, And Social Media

Writer and journalist Lionel Shriver discusses her new collection of short stories and what inspired her on this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour.

San Francisco’s Liberal Utopia Invites Homelessness, Drugs, And Crime Into The City

Senior Correspondent John Daniel Davidson shares his reporting from the streets of San Francisco on the Federalist Radio Hour.

Federalist Radio Hour: Saying Farewell To Paul Ryan

The Washington Examiner’s Philip Klein joins Federalist Radio to trace Paul Ryan’s career and what will happen to Republicans when he leaves.

Naomi Schaefer Riley On Screen Time, Social Media Mobs, And Ideological Diversity

Author and journalist Naomi Schaefer Riley joins the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss parenting in the world of phone screens, and other ways technology has shaken up our world.

Interview With David Reaboi On National Security, Syria, And Jazz Music

National security consultant David Reaboi discusses what’s happening in the Middle East and how he thinks the Trump Administration will respond to it.

Parsing Out Successes And Set Backs Of The Pro-Life Movement On Capitol Hill

Marjorie Dannenfelser, founder and president of Susan B. Anthony List, joins this episode of the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss the politics of abortion.

Conrad Black On Trump’s Place In The History Of Populism

Ben Weingarten, as part of an Encounter Books series, interview Lord Conrad Black, former British newspaper publisher and author.

Podcast: White House Updates On Tariffs, Saudis, And Facebook

Zeke Miller, White House reporter for The Associated Press, joins Ben Domenech on this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour.

Podcast: Gaza Protests, Media Bias, And Christianity In Middle East Conflicts

Founder of the Philos Project, Rob Nicholson, shares his story of religion and Christianity and how it ties to his work in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Sebastian Gorka Weighs In On Bolton, Pompeo, And Revisionist History

Sebastian Gorka, national security analyst, joins Ben Domenech for a discussion about the recent foreign policy shake ups in White House staff.

Podcast: FDA And Scott Gottlieb On Drug Trials, Nicotine, And Opioids

Reason Reporter Mike Riggs joins Federalist Radio to share the latest news and drug policy we are seeing from the new FDA commissioner.

SCOTUS Hears Cases On Free Speech For Pro-Life Groups And Gerrymandering

SCOTUS reporter Kevin Daley joins the Federalist Radio Hour to talk all the latest court and justice stories including #FreeAdnan, the NIFLA case, and more.

Problematic Women Episode 38: Cosmo, Roseanne, And Stormy Daniels

Walmart pulls Cosmopolitan from the checkout aisles, safe spaces for women are no longer allowed. ‘Roseanne’ revival is a ratings success!

Is Journalism Also Activism? Josh Kraushaar Responds To Parkland Student Journalist

Josh Kraushaar, Politics Editor at National Journal, talks journalism, politics, sports, and makes predictions for 2018 midterms on Federalist Radio.

Jesse Kelly: Liberals’ Love For The Constitution Is Like Saying ‘I Love My Wife, Hate Her Personality’

In an interview with HLN’s S.E. Cupp on Wednesday, Jesse Kelly said liberals claim to love the U.S. Constitution while hating the rights it guarantees.

Mollie Hemingway Moderates Panel Of Leading Conservative Women

A panel of top conservative women have a conversation on work-life balance, empowerment and how they are responsible for helping each other succeed.