The Federalist Staff
The Federalist Staff
How Did The Zika Virus Spread And How Can We Stop It?

Dr. Anand Parekh explains the impact the Zika virus has had in the U.S. and what the government can do about it.

Podcast: Russian Bots, Swing States, And ‘The Lesser Of Two Evils’ Election

The Washington Post’s James Hohmann joins today’s Federalist Radio Hour.

Podcast: NFL Previews And Your Best 2016 Fantasy Football Picks

David Fucillo joins Federalist Radio to talk about the world of sports media and provide some advice for picking your fantasy football teams this year.

The Political And Cultural Plight Against Small Family Farming

Gracy Olmstead joined Federalist Radio to talk about the regulatory burdens facing small farms.

Leadership Changes In Trump’s Campaign And Reince’s RNC, With Alex Isenstadt

Alex Isenstadt, reporter at Politico, joined The Federalist Radio Hour to discuss this all the latest shake-ups coming out of Trump’s campaign this week.

The Rise Of Progressivism And Administrative Agency In American History

Ronald J. Pestritto, dean of the graduate school of statesmanship at Hillsdale College, joined The Federalist Radio Hour to discuss the rise of progressivism in American Read Full Article >

Mary Katharine Ham Is Glad Breitbart And Trump Finally Made It Official

‘It’s nice to see Breitbart and Trump make it official that this is going on.’

John Dickerson Shares Favorite Stories from Presidential Campaign History

Today on the Federalist Radio Hour, John Dickerson talks about the challenge of interviewing Donald Trump and other politicians.

Ben Domenech: Media Gaslighted Trump’s Comments On ISIS

Ben Domenech joined ‘The Kelly File’ discuss the media’s reaction to Donald Trump’s comments blaming President Obama and Hillary Clinton for ISIS.

Swimming, Sexism, And Other Olympic Stories From Week One In Rio

Christine Brennan and Kelsey Harkness joined Federalist Radio Hour to discuss the major stories coming out of the 2016 summer Olympics.

Trump: Mary Katharine Ham ‘Says Only Bad Things’

Jake Tapper asks Mary Katharine Ham on CNN about Donald Trump’s opinion of her as a debate moderator.

Defining Equal Opportunity And Discrimination With David Azerrad

David Azerrad talks political philosophy, equality of opportunity, and conservatism on Federalist Radio Hour.

Podcast: The Olympics, The Kardashians, And Hillary Clinton’s Free Media Pass

Entertainment Editor from The Daily Caller shares latest political and celebrity gossip on today’s Federalist Radio Hour.

The Anti-Trump Media, National Security, And Abortion In Bojack Horseman

Mollie Hemingway and David Harsanyi debate voting for Trump or Hillary on this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour.

CJ Ciaramella On Police Reform And Politics Surrounding Local Crime

CJ Ciaramella from Reason Magazine discusses the politics and policing in response to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Watch These Reporters Applaud Hillary Clinton At A Press Conference

Hillary Clinton finally broke her 260-day long press conference moratorium today, and journalists couldn’t stop applauding her.

Addiction, Heroin, And Struggles Of The Middle Class With Eli Saslow

Washington Post reporter shares one woman’s story of addiction and recovery drugs on today’s Federalist Radio.

Ilya Shapiro On Religious Liberty, Immigration, And White Working Class Frustrations

Ilya Shapiro shares his own immigration story and discusses Gary Johnson’s religious liberty fails.

Top Stories Coming Out Of Two Weeks Of Conventions With Zeke Miller

Zeke Miller, political reporter at Time Magazine, returns from back to back coverage of the RNC and DNC conventions.

Comparing Conventions, Clinton’s Acceptance Speech, And Third Party Candidates

Peter Suderman joins Mary Katharine Ham on today’s Federalist Radio Hour.