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Dr. Russell Moore On Trump, SCOTUS, And The Future Of American Churches

On the Federalist Radio Hour, Dr. Moore addresses some of the biggest problems facing Christian conservatives and American culture alike.

Controversial ‘Bachelor’ Contestants, Taylor Swift, And The Oscars

Washington Post Entertainment reporter, Emily Yahr, joins Federalist Radio to explain this season of “The Bachelor” and the infamous Nick Viall.

Anti-Trump Protestors Spat On Gold Star Family Members Outside American Legion Ball

‘If it were a conservative movement, we were hear a lot about it. If you don’t think that the Left has some prejudices of its own that can lead it very astray like it did last night in that instance, then you’re wrong.’

Hemingway: Media’s Refusal To Vet Obama Administration Kills Credibility On Trump Administration

‘A media that doesn’t push back against that type of falsehood for eight years and then gets all upset at Sean Spicer talking about numbers is not going to be taken seriously at all.’

Podcast: Inauguration Day, Protests, and President Trump’s Speech

Mary Katharine Ham and Bre Payton break down events from inauguration week and how the left has remained in complete meltdown mode.

Here’s The Full Transcript Of Donald Trump’s Inauguration Speech

‘The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer.’

Donald Trump Was Just Sworn In As The 45th President Of The United States

Donald J. Trump took the oath of office Friday at noon, making him the 45th President of the United States.

Bro Power Rankings: Second Edition With Bill McMorris

This episode of Federalist Radio Hour is the second edition of ranking America’s Best Bros with Washington Free Beacon reporter Bill McMorris.

Domenech: Oscar Lopez Rivera Is Nothing More Than A Terrorist

‘The fact is that John Adams and Benjamin Franklin have nothing in common with Oscar Lopez Rivera. . . He is only free because of his celebrity friends who have the president’s ear.’

Watch Media Embarrass Themselves During Obama’s Final WH Press Conference

Obama in response: ‘You’re not supposed to be sycophants, you’re supposed to ask tough questions.’

Watch Tucker Carlson Destroy The Man Behind Fake Anti-Trump Protests

‘Your name is fake, your company is fake, and the claims on your website are false.’

Sean Davis: Guns, Self Defense, And Popular Firearm Myths

Sean Davis is the co-founder of The Federalist and a second amendment enthusiast. He joined this episode of Federalist Radio to dispel some common myths and misconceptions Read Full Article >

Bram Weinstein Discusses Future Of Sports News And Entertainment

Bram Weinstein, ESPN radio show host, joins the Federalist Radio Hour to talk media, television, athletes and Donald Trump.

Podcast: The Psychology Of Pursuing A Purposeful And Meaningful Life

Journalist and author, Emily Esfahani Smith joins Federalist Radio Hour to discuss how we can create lives of meaning, value, and purpose.

Hemingway: Journalists Should Be Skeptical Of Information From Intelligence Officials

‘Obviously (the intelligence community is) leaking like sieves in ongoing war against the president. . . As we take this information from them we should also apply skepticism.’

Jonathan Rauch: The Disruption Of American Institutions And Political Systems

Brookings Institution Senior Fellow Jonathan Rauch joins the Federalist Radio Hour to talk Trump, Congress, and American communities.

Payton: Sloppy Reporting Aids And Abets The Kremlin

‘Reporters, when they are not precise about what happened, are aiding and abetting Moscow’s disinformation campaign.’

Podcast: The Unending Battle Between Trump And The Media

Mollie Hemingway and David Harsanyi discuss Donald Trump’s latest press conference and how reporters continue to lose credibility.

Hemingway: Trump Took Bold Stance Against Media Shenanigans

‘It wasn’t just that he said that BuzzFeed was a failing pile of garbage. . . It’s that he said that he alone was able to stand up to bullying media because he has a megaphone.’

Matt Kibbe On Buzzfeed, Libertarian Priorities, And Culture Bubbles

Matt Kibbe joins the Federalist Radio Hour with Ben Domenech to discuss media bias and the future of the libertarian movement.