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How Media Complacently Embraces Hillary Clinton And Alicia Machado

Mollie Hemingway and David Harsanyi discuss the debate, the testimony of FBI Director James Comey, and the fall season of TV shows.

The Media’s Post-Debate Frenzy And ‘Saturday Night Live’ Election Coverage

Mary Katharine Ham is joined by Politico Reporter Hadas Gold on today’s Federalist Radio Hour

Conservative Foreign Policy And How To Sustain Global Liberal Order

Dr. Paul D. Miller talks the future of conservative foreign policy on the Federalist Radio Hour.

Mary Katharine Ham: Trump’s Miss Universe Comments Are Self-Sabotage

Mary Katharine Ham responds to Donald Trump’s post-debate comments: ‘Things like this make me wonder if he actually wants to win.’

Radio: Chris Stirewalt, Bill Kristol Analyze Aftermath Of First Debate

Ben Domenech recaps the first 2016 presidential debate with guests Chris Stirewalt and Bill Kristol on the Federalist Radio Hour.

Mary Katharine Ham On Debate Previews, Moderators, And School Choice

Guy Benson and Amelia Hamilton join today’s Federalist Radio Hour to talk better debate moderators, universal preschool, and more.

The Left’s Response To Obvious Satire Of Their Jimmy Fallon Freakout Is Amazing

The over-the-top reaction we’ve seen from progressive media types shows just how ridiculous their initial freakout over Fallon’s Trump interview was.

Radio: The Case Of JonBenet Ramsey And The Political Activism Of Entertainers

David Harsanyi and Ben Domenech review this week in entertainment including JonBenet Ramsey, ‘Survivor,’ and Samantha Bee.

David Frum On Rebellion Against Leftist Monoculture And American Prosperity

David Frum joins The Federalist Radio Hour to weigh in on 2016 and comparing political environments then and now.

Radio: The Death Of ESPN, Islamic Totalitarianism, And America’s Morality

Elan Journo of the Ayn Rand Institute joins today’s Federalist Radio Hour on how America should confront Islamic totalitarianism.

Obama Tells The U.N.: Giving Up Freedom Enhances American Security

In his final speech to the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday, President Barack Obama said the United States will be safer if it gives up some of its freedoms.

Why Lifelong Democrats In Pennsylvania Are Voting For Donald Trump

Salena Zito joined the Federalist Radio Hour to share her conversations with voters in Western Pennsylvania and their thoughts on 2016.

Democrat Who Compared Jews To ‘Termites’ Says Trump Is Too Polarizing

A congressional Democrat who previously referred to Jews as “termites” criticized GOP Donald Trump on Friday for being too polarizing.

Julia Ioffe On Putin, Twitter Trolls, And Why Russia Cares About 2016

Julia Ioffe joined The Federalist Radio Hour to share stories of Putin’s rise to power and his role in 2016.

Mary Katharine Ham: If Obama Went On ‘General Hospital’ The Media Would Swoon

‘On the scale of ridiculous things to be upset about in 2016, this is very, very low down.’

Former Gov. Bob McDonnell Shares On His Faith And His Fight For Freedom

Months after the Supreme Court threw out¬†Governor Bob McDonnell’s conviction,¬†the Justice Department announced last week they would drop its corruption case against the former Virginia Governor.

Mollie Hemingway: Polls Show Hillary Clinton Is A Terrifically Awful Candidate

‘She is struggling, even with all the help that she is getting from the political and media establishment.’

Payton: Blame ObamaCare If Democrats Can’t Win The Senate

Federalist staff writer Bre Payton joined Fox News’ Sandra Smith on Wednesday to discuss the political consequences of ObamaCare.

House Oversight Committee Subpoenas FBI for Full Clinton Report

Sarah Westwood and Mollie Hemingway talk Clinton’s emails, the DNC hack, and New York Fashion Week on Federalist Radio.

Watch Live: Ben Domenech Blames The Elites For Trump’s Rise

Federalist publisher Ben Domenech will blame the elites for the Trump Phenomenon in an Intelligence Squared debate tonight at 6:45 p.m. ET. Watch it live.