The Federalist Staff
The Federalist Staff
James Hohmann On Why Trump And Hillary Are Stuck In The ’90s

James Hohmann, who has been out on the campaign for The Washington Post, joins The Federalist Radio Hour

Trump’s Circus, Clinton’s Corruption, and Their Growing Unfavorable Ratings

Betsy Woodruff joins Federalist Radio Hour to talk about Obama lifting an arms embargo in Vietnam and other breaking stories of Hillary Clinton’s corruption.

‘The Bachelorette’, ’90s Series Reboots, and Upcoming Fall TV Trends

Emily Yahr, pop culture and entertainment reporter at the Washington Post, breaks down this season of reality and prime time television.

Read The Full State Dept. IG Report On Hillary Clinton’s E-Mail Server

A new inspector general report details how Hillary Clinton broke the law by using a private email server. You can read the whole thing here.

Lawyer: Houston District Attorney Illegally Shared Evidence With Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood attorney admitted that Houston district attorney broke the law by sharing evidence against undercover journalist David Daleiden.

Why Hasn’t Hillary Been Indicted? What Are the “28 Pages”? and Other National Security Questions

The Daily Beast’s Shane Harris gives the Federalist Radio Hour the latest updates in foreign and domestic security affairs.

Donald Trump’s Relationship With Money, Reporters, and Comedians

The Daily Caller’s Jamie Weinstein joined the Federalist Radio hour to talk 2016 and more.

Radio on Hillary, Zuckerberg, and the Not-So-Offensive Redskins

A Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton general election would be a tight race, says Josh Kraushaar on Federalist Radio.

Affordable Housing, Jane Jacobs, And New Challenges In Urban Planning

Today on Federalist Radio, Emily Washington explains the intersection of free markets and urban planning.

Bethany Mandel: Trump Can’t Talk About Women Without Objectifying Them

‘It seems like he has no sort of vocabulary for women that does not revolve around their sexuality and their objectification as women.’

Uber Surge Pricing is Good, the Fed is Useless, and Economics are Personal

John Tamny joins Federalist Radio to explain credit, markets, and how Uber’s pricing is the exact opposite of the Fed.

Radio: Transgender Bathroom Bills, Yoga, and Facebook’s PR Disaster

Returning from North Carolina, Kelsey Harkness shares reports from the the front line of the transgender bathroom bills and policy pushes.

Supreme Court Opinion A Win For The Little Sisters Of The Poor

The Supreme Court said The Little Sisters of The Poor would not have to pay millions in IRS fines for refusing to provide contraceptives to their employees.

Molly Ball On Understanding Tea Party And Establishment Voters

Molly Ball explains how the Republican party is dealing with their nominee who is at odds with so much of the party and it’s leaders.

Hemingway: We Need To See More Transparency From Facebook

Federalist senior editor Mollie Hemingway joined CNN on Sunday to explain why Facebook needs to be more transparent in their news selection process.

How Social Justice Warriors are Ruining Comic Books for Everyone

Matt Battaglia reviews “Captain America: Civil War” and other trends coming out of the comic book industry.

How ‘King of The Hill’ and Pop Culture Bridges the Gap Between People and Policy

Cato’s Caleb Brown talks class and wealth, pop culture and Hank Hill, and more on Federalist Radio.

Watch Trump’s Top Spokeswoman Get Demolished On Live TV

‘It is hard to understand what his policies are because Trump has actually not thought through his policies.’

Mollie Hemingway: Donald Trump Should Make Mike Rowe His Veep

Mollie Hemingway joined Fox Business’s ‘Mornings With Maria’ on Wednesday to explain why Mike Rowe would make a good running mate for Donald Trump.

The Trump Phenomenon, Captain America, and Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse

Today on Federalist Radio, Jonathan Last explains the politics of Iron Man v. Superman and the satire of Barbie’s Netflix movies.