The Federalist Staff
The Federalist Staff
‘Hamilton’, ‘Star Wars’, and the Self-Parody of Donald Trump on Federalist Radio

Alexandra Petri, writer and blogger at the Washington Post, explains the comedic challenge of parodying Donald Trump on this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour.

Dr. Charles Kesler On Populism, Elites, And The Meaning Of Trump

“In terms of popular understanding of and loyalty to the democratic republic, we are slipping,” Kesler said.

Heather MacDonald On Discretionary Policing, Violent Crime, And Black Lives Matter

Mac Donald discussed the “Ferguson Effect”, discretionary policing, Freddie Gray, the broken windows theory, and what policing is becoming in Chicago, Detroit, and other urban areas.

1968: William F. Buckley Interviews Muhammad Ali

“You have a right to say what you believe, and I have a right”

Podcast: The End Of The Bernie Sanders Campaign

Atlantic writer, Clare Foran, shares stories from the democratic campaign trail and the political social media war zone.

Terrorist Watch Lists, Gun Control, And Sexual Violence In Game of Thrones

Joel Gehrke, political reporter for the Washington Examiner, reports on bills and filibusters on the hill this week as a response to Orlando and the call for gun control.

Is The GOP Donor Class Angry Or Scared Or Both?

Alex Isenstadt, reporter at Politico, returned from Mitt Romney’s meeting in Utah and shares what leaders were feeling about Trump and the future of their party.

Former Navy SEAL: The AR-15 Is A Citizen’s Best Defense Against Terrorism

A Former Navy SEAL explains why, in the wake of the Orlando attack, an AR-15 is an American’s best chance at surviving in an age of terrorism.

Yuval Levin On Fragmented Culture And American Nostalgia Among Both Parties

Yuval Levin joins Federalist Radio Hour to explain why baby boomers on both sides of the aisle long for America of the past.

Howard Stern Just Dropped A Lot Of Truth About Gun Control

‘Do you want a fighting chance or not?’

How the Media Treats Trump, Guns, Romney, and Deceptive Editing

Free Beacon Media Analyst explains what the mainstream media’s coverage of Trump has changed in a matter of weeks.

Judge Dismisses Misdemeanor Charges Against The Man Who Exposed Planned Parenthood

A judge threw out misdemeanor charges against David Daleiden, the man behind the undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s organ-trafficking scheme.

Podcast: Orlando Killer, The FBI, And Obama’s Difficulty With Addressing Islam

The Federalist Radio Hour heard from several journalists and national security experts in attempting to debrief and understand the terrorist attack in Orlando.

Collegiate Athletes, Sexual Assault, And Tying Clinton Corruption to Boko Haram

J.C. Derrick from World Magazine reports the ties he finds between Clinton Foundation donors and policy decisions made under Secretary Clinton

Sean Trende On Groupthink, Polling, And Election Historical Precedence

Can past presidential elections tell Americans anything about the future of our two-party system?

Hillary Clinton Wins California Primary, Is Likely The Democratic Nominee

Hillary Clinton beat Bernie Sanders in the hotly contested California primary and will likely be the Democratic nominee for president.

Podcast: Trump’s Racist Attack On Judge And The Cable News Election

Mike Warren from The Weekly Standard joins the Federalist Radio Hour to describe just how different 2016 is from the 2012 election.

Why Politicians Hate The Sharing Economy And Why Millennials Love It

Why do Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and the city of Austin hate Uber?

When The NFL Announced Roger Goodell’s Death, The Internet Laughed

A hacker on Tuesday morning compromised the NFL’s official Twitter account and posted a message that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell had passed away.

8 Things BuzzFeed Has Published That Are Nastier Than Donald Trump

Warning: NSFW.