The Federalist Staff
Podcast: James Poulos On Tocqueville, Death, Sex, Music, And Living Free

Senior Contributor James Poulos joins Federalist Radio to discuss his new book: The Art of Being Free: How Alexis de Tocqueville Can Save Us from Ourselves.

Erica Grieder: CPAC, Media Bias, Beta Males, And Texas Politics

Author and journalist Erica Grieder joins the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss changes in conservative media, why Trump is not an alpha male, and more.

How These Conservative Intellectuals Shaped Modern Conservative Thought

Professor and author Steven Hayward joins Federalist Radio to give a brief history of the most influential thinkers in conservative political philosophy.

David Frum On Autocracy, Healthcare, And Predicting President Trump

Atlantic Senior Editor David Frum joins the Federalist Radio Hour how we can mentally prepare for correct political decision making against President Trump.

Tyler Cowen On Complacency, Immobility, And American Progress

Economist Tyler Cowen joins the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss how Americans have become less mobile, less motivated and more complacent.

Ham: Media Need To Stop Being Careless With Trump Coverage

Federalist senior writer Mary Katharine Ham joined CNN Newsroom on Monday to explain why media need to be precise when covering Donald Trump.

Hemingway: ‘Media Are Not In A Good Position To Be Holding Trump Accountable’

Federalist senior editor Mollie Hemingway joined Fox News’s ‘Media Buzz’ on Sunday to talk about how the media have failed to cover Donald Trump fairly.

Podcast: Tension Escalates Between The Press And The President

White House Correspondent Sarah Westwood and Senior Writer Mary Katherine Ham recap Donald Trump’s marathon of press conference on Federalist Radio.

Hemingway: ‘I Will Watch A Trump Press Conference Any Time Of Any Day’

Federalist senior editor Mollie Hemingway joined Fox News’s ‘Special Report with Bret Baier’ Thursday to discuss President Trump’s press conference.

Podcast: Gender, Sex, Feminists, and the Drive to Abolish Male and Female

Author Ashley McGuire joins the Federalist Radio Hour to explain the cultural push from the left to put gender over sex, and politics over biology.

Podcast: The Fashion Of Presidents And The Essence Of Men’s Style

Author and expert on men’s style, Richard Torregrossa, joins Federalist Radio to share of the most common mistakes men make in dressing themselves.

Podcast: Journalism Higher Education And The Future Of News Media

Hillsdale Professor John Miller joins the Federalist Radio to discuss the type of student journalists the world needs and how technology impacts the media landscape.

Podcast: Studying Trump’s Foreign Affairs With Russia, China, And Radical Islam

Historian and professor, Paul Coyer, joins Federalist Radio to break down some of the foreign policy challenges he foresees in Trump’s White House.

Megan McArdle On Valentine’s Day, Marriage, And Tips For The Home Cook

Bloomberg View columnist Megan McArdle joins Federalist Radio to offer an economic perspective on going out with your significant other.

How American Culture Must Restore Its Schools, Art, And Institutions

Dr. Esolen joins Federalist Radio to discuss the loss of culture Western civilization is facing and what we can do to restore it.

The Man Behind The Sting: Fighting Child Slavery In The U.S. And Abroad

CEO and Founder of Operation Underground Railroad joins Federalist Radio to discuss their work combating sex slavery all over the world.

Mary Katharine Ham On Tom Brady, Roger Goodell, And Superbowl Halftime Shows

Mary Katharine Ham hosts the Federalist Radio Hour with guests Guy Benson, Rich Cromwell, and Matt Battaglia in anticipation of the Superbowl.

A Historical Look At Totalitarianism Through Vaclav Benda And Charter 77

Flagg Taylor, professor of political science and student of totalitarian regimes, joins Federalist Radio to discuss was we can learn from Czech history.

Did The New York Times Deliberately Snub ‘Gosnell’ Book From Its Bestseller List?

Despite its commercial success, The New York Times left a new book about infamous abortionist Kermit Gosnell off its bestseller list.

Federalist Radio: Who Is Judge Neil Gorsuch?

Carrie Severino, chief counsel and policy director of the Judicial Crisis Network, joins Federalist Radio to discuss the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch.