Spencer Lindquist
Spencer Lindquist
Spencer Lindquist

Spencer Lindquist is an intern at the Federalist and a senior at Pepperdine University where he studies Political Science and Rhetoric and Leadership and serves as Pepperdine’s College Republicans President. You can follow him on Twitter @SpencerLndqst and reach him at [email protected]

Hypocrisy: Two More Politicians Flout Their Own COVID Restrictions In San Francisco, Palm Beach

The San Francisco mayor and a school board member in Palm Beach were just exposed flouting their own COVID restrictions, attending gatherings without masks.

Contemptuous Don Lemon Calls For Shaming Americans Who Don’t Make The Medical Choices He Wants

Don Lemon recently called for shaming those who haven’t taken a COVID shot, putting on full display the contempt he holds for so many Americans.

WATCH: Santa Monica Demonstrators Debate COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates

SANTA MONICA, CA—Rivaled only by New York, the Golden State has endured some of our country’s most draconian lockdown and masking policies. With Los Angeles inching Read Full Article >

Here’s How To Fight Back Against America’s Emergent Social Credit System

Authentic communities are the only way conservatives can defend themselves against cancel culture and hope to upend America’s emergent social credit system.

The CDC’s Woke Language Guide Is Doing More Than Making Conversation Harder

The CDC’s recently unveiled woke language guide is full of meaningless fluff, but it is also a perfect example of how the left manipulates language.

Masculinity Isn’t Toxic, But Toxins Could Be Killing Masculinity

Endocrine-disrupting chemicals, many of which are present in household items, appear to be wreaking havoc on the Western world’s masculinity, femininity, and fertility.

Homeschooling Is Surging Across America. Homeschoolers Told Us Why

COVID-19 restrictions, changing curricula, and declining academic standards are some of the reasons many families have decided to start homeschooling.

America’s Elites Want To Control You More Than They Want To Control COVID

America’s elites have seized the pandemic to expand their control over our political discourse, our freedom, and our social lives.

Massive Teachers Union Sues Mom Who Asked About Political Material In Kindergarten Curriculum

Nicole Solas is being sued by America’s largest public-sector teachers union after she asked about the curriculum at her kindergartener’s school.

Ben Domenech: Here’s Why Babies Are Great And Why The Left Hates Them

‘Progressives hate babies because they’re crying, drooling, pooping refutations of everything woke leftists believe,’ Ben Domenech said on ‘Primetime.’

SCOOP: California YMCA Hosts Pornographer To Teach Children Art, Holds ‘Youth Only’ Events

An LGBT Resource Center associated with Burbank’s YMCA recently hosted a pornographic artist at an event for children, and now hosts ‘youth only’ events.

The Left Has A Pedophilia Problem, And It’s Out In The Open

The left is continuing its tradition of destroying society’s sexual morality, now campaigning on multiple fronts for the normalization of pedophilia.

House Freedom Caucus Calls For Kicking Cheney, Kinzinger Out Of GOP Conference

The House Freedom Caucus held a press conference where they called for Reps. Cheney and Kinzinger to be expelled from the GOP and Pelosi’s position vacated.

Democrats Kill Bill That Would’ve Banned Taxpayer-Funded Critical Race Theory In Schools And The Military

House Democrats killed a Republican bill that would’ve banned the use of taxpayer money for critical race theory in schools and the military.

Democrats Rapidly Losing Ground In Fight Over Critical Race Theory

Months of pushing critical race theory into classrooms across the country may threaten the Democratic Party’s electoral viability.

Senate Candidate Blasts ‘Childless Left’ Who Have ‘No Physical Commitment To The Future Of This Country’

J.D. Vance called out the ‘childless left,’ asking why those with ‘no physical commitment’ to our country’s future have so much influence over it.

Flip Flop: Liz Cheney Defends Pelosi’s Rejection Of Committee Assignments After Denouncing It Months Ago

Cheney’s support comes just months after she criticized the speaker, saying Pelosi has “no business determining which Republicans sit on committees.”

Democrat Florida Gubernatorial Candidate Admits Corporate Media Is Controlled By The Left

A Democrat gubernatorial candidate admitted that corporate media serves her party and expressed hope that their bias could propel her to victory.

My High School Taught Me Critical Race Theory Six Years Ago And Tried To Reeducate Me When I Fought Back

A public school teacher who would’ve described herself as an ‘anti-racist’ attempted to justify the rhetoric of genocide in an article that argued for the genetic inferiority of white people. 

Liz Cheney Sides With Nancy Pelosi On Barring Republicans From January 6 Commission

Rep. Liz Cheney claimed she was supporting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi because her colleagues don’t support ‘the Constitution’ or ‘the rule of law.’