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Ben Domenech: Here’s Why Babies Are Great And Why The Left Hates Them

Ben Domenech

‘Progressives hate babies because they’re crying, drooling, pooping refutations of everything woke leftists believe,’ Ben Domenech said on ‘Primetime.’


Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech explained that children and the families who raise them are the bedrock of our communities and make our country great during Fox News “Primetime” on Wednesday.

Domenech began by pointing out that “today’s woke leftist hate many, many things: the Constitution, Donald Trump, Fox News, comedy, and, of course, you.” Domenech continued, “There was really one thing that woke socialist progressives seem to hate more than anything else,” before answering: “That’s babies.”

Domenech decried “the industrialized murder of 60 million unborn infants” and said “the left just doesn’t take their problems out on America’s kids. Their problem seems to be that there are American kids at all.” 

“Radical environmentalists regard children as enemies of the climate. Corporate elites see babies as expensive competitors for the time, attention, and creativity of professional women, which they apparently feel should belong exclusively to them. Critical race theory con men suggest that babies become racist as early as three months old,” Domenech said. “Radical feminists have built their entire brand around de-prioritizing family life and shaming happy moms as sellouts to the patriarchy.”

“Progressives hate babies because they’re crying, drooling, pooping refutations of everything woke leftists believe,” Domenech continued. “Boys and girls are the answer to the left’s every argument, and the antidote to their poisonous lie.” For instance, he said, “parents learn the hard way that sex is not a social construct. Social constructs don’t pee on you while you are giving them a bath.”

Children possess many virtues and are much more than the “helpless timid victims the leftist people say they are,” and so are we, Domenech said. “That’s the left’s real problem with children.”

Children make families. Boys turn into men. Couples turn into parents, and women become “the archangels we call moms.” Just as the founders envisioned, America is a place where every child, no matter where they started, “has limitless potential and spark of divine.

Children are also crucial for building communities. “The more attention we pay to our families, the more time we spend with other families at playdates, little league games, church picnics, school plays — children don’t just turn individuals into families, they also pull families into communities.”

“Leftism is an ideology of fear, grievance, and affected helplessness,” Domenech continued, explaining why leftism is so hostile to families. “Every year on Mother’s Day the media is filled with one article after another by childless writers defending their childlessness. … “On Father’s Day, dads have long been similarly held up as objects of correction and ridicule. These sad people protest too much, and they are not convincing anyone.”

“Kids love America, and they inspire us to make her ever more worthy of their love. Parents teach their children how to be good. The children teach their parents how to be great. Together they make America both,” Domenech concluded. “This is not something you have to do. This is something you get to do.”