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Contemptuous Don Lemon Calls For Shaming Americans Who Don’t Make The Medical Choices He Wants


In case you somehow forgot that our ruling class and their corporate media mouthpieces regard you and millions of other Americans with nothing but scorn and contempt, CNN’s Don Lemon decided to give us all a reminder. 

On his show, CNN anchor Don Lemon went on a vitriolic tirade against Americans who’ve decided not to take the Covid-19 injections or want to wait for a longer track record, calling them “stupid” and even saying, “It’s time to start shaming” people who “won’t get the vaccine.” The CNN anchor also called these Americans “harmful to the greater good” and said they must “stop it with the ignorance.” 

Don Lemon Doesn’t Think You Deserve Respect

In his segment, Lemon drops all pretext of concern for his countrymen with different views and instead gleefully derides those who’ve decided not to take the jab. Ironically enough, this is the least effective way possible to convince people to administer a certain medicine. Telling people to sit down, shut up, and do what they’re told by their unelected superiors only reaffirms their suspicions and displays the lack of respect that so many Americans are treated with.

But of course, Lemon is done trying to convince people. Just like others on the left, he’s casting aside the delicate tools of rhetoric, instead deeming millions of Americans as beyond the grasp of logic. In his estimation, these “stupid” Americans aren’t worthy of hearing reasons or arguments, nor does he consider them capable of making informed decisions that directly pertain to their own health. 

Instead, Lemon has picked up the blunt tool of social shaming, which has become the go-to option for the elite class of our country. 

The institutional threats against those who’ve decided not to take this shot are not confined to simple shaming and criticism. Real, tangible consequences have been levied against dissenters, with one Rutgers student claiming he’s been barred from taking virtual classes after refusing to take a vaccine although there is obviously zero potential risk associated with online classes. 

Now, Joe Biden has announced he will force businesses with more than 100 employees to mandate the vaccine or require weekly negative tests. The social shaming that Lemon is openly endorsing began at the beginning of the pandemic and has set the stage for what we’re witnessing now: punishing those who wish to exercise their right to informed medical consent.

Our Elites Have No One To Blame For Vaccine Hesitancy But Themselves

While Lemon brands his opposition as “stupid” and portrays them as ignorant, his appeals to science are undercut by the fact that established opinions on the virus and corresponding policies have fluctuated wildly since the onset of Covid-19. What began as “14 days to slow the spread” then became, at least in some states and counties, a year-long quarantine that decimated small businesses and the basic rights of Americans who wanted to attend religious ceremonies, visit their loved ones in the hospital, or even pay respects at funerals. 

Left-wing politicians like California Gov. Gavin Newsom and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi flouted their own restrictions and former President Barack Obama hosted an extravagant birthday party. While Americans are subject to draconian restrictions, Covid cases among illegal U.S. entrants have surged.

Messages of unity rang hollow as regular people learned once again that the game had been rigged against them by the same people who were supposed to be fighting for them.

Even before this, we were told by presidential Covid advisor Anthony Fauci that “there’s no reason to be walking around with a mask.” Then of course, masking became mandatory in businesses and public areas across the country. Once the vaccine came out, cities like DC removed their mask mandates, only to re-implement it months later. 

The very origin of the virus itself was intentionally kept under wraps, with House Democrats killing a bill that would’ve declassified the origins of Covid-19. The lab leak theory was originally regarded by the media as a conspiracy theory before it was eventually deemed an acceptable public opinion. 

There is also the overtly politically motivated coverage of Covid-19 from much of the corporate media and the experts who claimed the health risk of protests was contingent on the topic of the protest. Add on top of this that the Johnson and Johnson vaccine was paused because of its link to issues with blood clotting, and it’s no wonder that millions of Americans are less than eager to take the vaccine. 

These dizzying reversals and contradictions have killed the public’s trust in our health establishment, and why shouldn’t they? At every turn, the left has shown that they are more than willing to use the virus for their political ends and to discard their alleged beliefs, like the idea of “my body my choice,” whenever it is politically convenient. 

The medical establishment and their corporate media lapdogs have no one to blame but themselves for the vaccine hesitancy that they decry so hysterically. The contempt expressed by Lemon and his contemporaries, on this issue or any other, is just one more way that our elites have frantically lashed out against a population that’s realized they are neither represented nor respected by those who have appointed themselves as our rulers.