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Breaking News Alert Here's How The Media Are Lying Right Now: Associated Press Rehabs Hunter Biden Edition

Viral Twitter Thread On Rittenhouse Illuminates Dangers Of Media Disinformation

A viral Twitter thread cataloged the shock of well-meaning liberals who realized that the corporate media has intentionally misled them about the Kyle Rittenhouse case.


As the Kyle Rittenhouse trial carries on in Wisconsin, a viral Twitter thread has exposed how the disinformation peddled by corporate media doesn’t just distort reality, but recreates it in the service of leftwing political objectives. 

Sarah Beth Burwick is a writer who runs the Substack page “Why The Left Is Losing Me,” which chronicles her journey as “a lifelong liberal turned politically homeless.” She recently remarked that “it was only today that I learned the Kyle Rittenhouse victims were white,” continuing to say that “My progressive bubble made this seem like a very different case than it is.”

Burwick even noted that her public recognition of the facts was enough to open her up to leftwing slander, pointing out that “If I still cared about being called racist, I would have been scared to post this. Because people would have somehow twisted it around to call me racist.”

This led to a number of other users detailing how their perception of events had also been warped by leftist corporate media. One user tweeted “I just learned his dad, grandma, aunts lived in kenosha and he worked there media made it out like he had zero connection.”

Another user described how he was deemed a racist when he questioned the media’s official narrative, writing, “I went down a Twitter wormhole last summer during lockdown and BLM hype. I watched the YouTube footage of the people who ended up at the Gas station & tried to burn it. I was so shocked that when I explained what I saw to people in london they thought I was turning racist lol.”

One person noted that the corporate media’s refusal to honestly cover the violence of Black Lives Matter riots was highly problematic, saying, “Part of the problem too is that many believe that the riots in Kenosha were peaceful protests, and for that reason they can’t understand why someone would travel there w a gun.”

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes completely ignored the attack against Rittenhouse, and instead used his act of self defense as an opportunity to condemn gun rights organizations, asking on his program, “Do we want a society in which political conflict is settled on the streets between people with guns?” saying “that is the outcome that the pro-gun lobby … is bringing about.”

Joe Biden also participated in the creation of this false reality when he, following a presidential debate, heavily implied that Rittenhouse was a white supremacist and that his acts of self defense were instead incidents of racially motivated violence and terrorism. 

Both leftwing politicians and those in the corporate media portrayed Rittenhouse as a crazed killer and blamed conservatives, all while completely overlooking the leftwing violence that ravaged Kenosha and the video that proves Rittenhouse acted in self defense when he wounded one attacker and fatally shot two others, one of whom was a convicted pedophile and the other a repeat domestic abuser.