Rachel Stoltzfoos
Rachel Stoltzfoos
Rachel Stoltzfoos

Rachel Stoltzfoos is a former managing editor of The Federalist. Her work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, NPR, the Chicago Tribune, and Yahoo News, among others outlets. She was previously managing editor of The Daily Caller News Foundation, and a politics reporter at The Daily Caller. Follow Rachel on Twitter.

2018 Proved (Again) That Obama Is Electoral Kryptonite In Battleground States

His aggressive effort to turn out the Democrat vote in key Senate, House and gubernatorial races largely failed.

The Democratic Party Is Working To Destroy The American Way Of Life

At this moment in history, the Democratic Party belongs to those who hate our institutions, hate the limits of our system of government, and hate America’s way of life.

Grassley Refers Avenatti, Swetnick To DOJ For Criminal Investigation Of Kavanaugh Claim

Grassley asked for an investigation into potential felonies committed by Swetnick and Avenatti in their accusation against Brett Kavanaugh.

New Letter To Grassley About Julie Swetnick Is So Crazy You Have To Read It Yourself

The author of the letter says he mistook Julie Swetnick for a prostitute, learned she has a ‘penchant’ for group sex and that her dad said she has mental issues.

Scarborough: Dems Wrongly Sat On Ford Allegation, Then Exposed Her For Political Gain

‘They waited until their hearings were over. They waited until they basically put their finger up in the political winds and they knew that Kavanaugh was going to pass.’

Legacy Outlets Add Two More Botched Hit Pieces To A Pile Of Stinky Reporting On Trump

The Washington Post and New York Times each completely botched a hit piece on the Trump administration in recent weeks, as a result of shirking basic journalism standards.

Trump Orders Declassification Of Key Russia Docs, Loads Of Text Messages

The declassification order includes the Carter Page spy warrant, FBI notes on Page and Bruce Ohr, and texts from James Comey and others at the FBI and Justice Department.

WaPo ‘Fact Check’ Excuses Vicious Harassment Of Sarah Huckabee Sanders

The media don’t think Sanders should be ‘choked,’ the Washington Post fact checker found, they just want to ‘wring’ her neck. To him, wringing a neck doesn’t choke it, I guess?

Let’s Get Some Things Straight About The Impact Of Russian Meddling

Overstating the impact of Russia’s influence on the 2016 election is not only dishonest, it helps Vladimir Putin achieve his meddling goals.

France Drags Trevor Noah For Calling Its World Cup Win An ‘African Victory’

‘Unlike in the United States of America, France does not refer to its citizens based on their race, religion or origin,’ the French ambassador wrote.

Billionaire Democrat Donor Calls For ‘Nuclear War’ To Stop Trump

‘Maybe we can have, like, a nuclear war and then we get a real course correction,’ billionaire Tom Steyer told Rolling Stone.

Journalists Blame ‘Fake News’ For Shooting, Claim Criticism Is Now Off Limits

Anti-Trump journalists are using the Annapolis shooting to assert that neither President Trump nor anyone else should criticize them any more.

House Gives Rosenstein One Week To Hand Over Subpoenaed FBI Documents

The House passed a resolution Thursday demanding the Justice Department comply with requests for thousands of sensitive documents.

Liberals Respond To Kennedy’s Retirement With Moans, Curses, Hysterical Predictions

‘Oh my g-d,’ one man says in audio of the moment the news broke inside a Democratic National Committee meeting. A woman can be heard moaning in the background.

Supreme Court Rules Mandatory Dues Are Unconstitutional In Blow To Organized Labor

The court ruled that forcing government employees to pay union dues violates the First Amendment.

Supreme Court Upholds Trump’s Travel Ban In 5-4 Ruling

The ruling reaffirms the president’s broad power to restrict access to the country on national security grounds granted by the Immigration and National Security Act.

TIME Stands By Erroneous Crying Girl Cover Story Because Of Its Propaganda Value

‘The June 12 photograph of the 2-year-old Honduran girl became the most visible symbol of the ongoing immigration debate in America for a reason.’

Watch Chris Pratt Preach The Gospel On MTV

Pratt expounded on God as the divine creator and humans as hopelessly sinful, and Jesus as the sacrificial lamb on the cross.

Dianne Feinstein Falsely Claims There Were No Pre-Election Russia Investigation Leaks

Leaks to the press about the FBI investigating the Trump campaign’s Russia ties made a huge splash prior to the election.

FBI Agent Joked Clinton Associate Who Lied Would Never Be Charged

‘Even if he said the truth and didnt have a clearance when handling the secure fax – aint noone gonna do s–t.’