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The Democratic Party Is Working To Destroy The American Way Of Life


Hillary Clinton is right. We cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what America stands for. She’s right that we must fight against politicians and activists who degrade the rule of law, seek to delegitimize our elections, spread corruption, attack truth and reason, and try to undermine our national unity. A defiant, defensive, and dystopian political party must be met with determined aggression, not niceties. But she’s living in upside-down world if she believes that’s the Republican Party.

Two years into Donald Trump’s presidency, there is no question the Democratic Party is on the side of those working to undermine the American system of government and the American way of life.

When they didn’t get the president they wanted in 2016, Democrats attacked the legitimacy of our election and of the Electoral College. They questioned the integrity of the result and boycotted his inauguration. They encouraged electors to go rogue and overturn the election, and moved to abolish the Electoral College, disregarding its purpose of preventing mob rule. As they undermined faith in the American electoral process in these and other ways, they helped Vladimir Putin achieve one of his primary election-meddling goals.

Democrats weaponized the FBI and the Justice Department in hopes of taking down Trump, or at least of bogging him down in investigations and a cloud of suspicion that would undermine the legitimacy of his presidency. Some who are paid to implement the president’s agenda continue to brag about efforts to sabotage him from within the administration.

When Trump nominated a Supreme Court justice they didn’t like, Democrats disrespected the confirmation process by withholding information, then tried to destroy the nominee’s life by means of an unsubstantiated allegation. Their allies in the press attacked the structure of the Senate and urged them to pack the court. When the nominee was confirmed according to the rules of the Senate, they attacked the legitimacy of the Supreme Court.

This is the party that wants to use the military purposed with defending our way of life as a petri dish for progressive social policies. They demand the military enlist men and women with gender dysphoria, then pay for expensive and time-intensive surgeries, and insist women must be in combat roles, regardless of the complications, cost, or potential effects on combat readiness.

Democrats flout the rule of law on our borders and attack law enforcement agencies. They assert we must allow anyone into the country for any reason, no matter the cost to taxpayers, the terror threator the effects on our culture and economy.

They use their platform in Congress to recklessly attack the concept of due process. They support kangaroo courts on college campuses that deprive men and women of due process in cases of sexual assault, and they absurdly insist any woman who makes a sexual assault allegation must be believed without question.

Democrats work with those who seek to undermine the institutions of God and family, and they have a special hatred for the Christian view that undergirds the Constitution and has always marked American life. Legal recognition of gay marriage is not enough for them; they demand everyone embrace and cheer on a lifestyle some are bound by conscience not to celebrate.

They demand business owners participate in their marriage ceremonies by baking cakes and providing flowers, and harass those who fight back. They demand Americans violate their conscience in order to provide women taxpayer-sponsored access to drugs that kill unborn babies. They insist the president has the right to force your child to share a bathroom with boys in her school.

They wage war on our right to free speech, our right to life, and our right to carry a gun. Their campaign to redefine sex and gender is an affront to reason and truth. They illogically accuse people who oppose ripping fully formed babies out of a mother’s womb of wanting to dominate and control women. They exploit emotions in the wake of school shootings to push for unconstitutional gun grabs.

Democrats are no longer interested in debate. They seek to use whatever power they can get their hands on to intimidate, manipulate, and shame the opposition into silence. They pressure Facebook and Twitter to police speech they don’t like online. They wield the fake news narrative fabricated by the media to explain Hillary’s loss in their ongoing campaign to diminish the voice of the conservative press, and they partner with legacy outlets that damage the public’s faith in the press with a growing mountain of bad reporting.

Democrats lend moral support to campus mobs that shout down and drive off campus anyone whose views make them uncomfortable. They urge their followers to stalk and harass public figures they disagree with, and drive them out of public spaces.

Rather than reexamine their divisive political strategies following the 2016 election, Democrats hit the accelerator on the politics of division. Thus we have Hillary Clinton, who is still blaming everyone but herself and her ideas for her loss, claiming Democrats can’t be “civil” until they have regained control of the government. Then, she asserts, we can go back to “listening to each other” and “working our our differences.” Yeah, right. That is not the Democratic Party that exists today.

The Democratic Party at this moment in history belongs to those who hate our institutions, hate the limits of our system of government, and hate the American way of life. They have become the party of mob rule. There’s a line where civility necessarily starts to break down, and they’re definitely heading straight for it, if they haven’t crossed it already.