Neal Dewing
Neal Dewing
Neal Dewing
Neal Dewing is a senior contributor at The Federalist. He has also been featured at Pocket Full of Liberty. He lives and works in Portsmouth, Virginia. When he isn't able to reach a keyboard he will often blog at his very patient wife. While he is a conservative through and through, where drink is concerned he displays a surpassing liberality.
How To Host The Holidays, Beyond A Golden Lillet Martini

Here are four classic rules for helping everyone have a good time at gatherings, and a martini knockoff to relax you afterwards.

Weekend Cocktail: Becherovka In Prague

Becherovka won’t just put hair on your chest, it will sprout a luxurious Eastern European mustache on your upper lip.

Here’s Some Rotten Poetry For Halloween

Some horrible, no good, very bad poetry should put you in the right mood for Halloween.

Dear Gov. McAuliffe: Please Don’t Raise Liquor Prices

Virginia’s state-owned liquor stores already mark up prices 69 percent before excise taxes. Why must Terry McAuliffe ask more?

Weekend Cocktail: For The Yummy Taste Of Pine-Sol, Visit Vienna

Next stop on the European drink tour: Vienna. For schnapps, of course

Weekend Cocktail: Meet Unicum, The National Drink Of Hungary

Our drink master recently drank his way through Europe. Here, he visits Hungary and tries Unicum.

Weekend Cocktail: The Merry Widow

Since we were on the subject of my wife’s remarkable patience with me, this cocktail seemed appropriate.

Weekend Cocktail: The Vonier

The Vonier is a fine cocktail to toast the end of a long day’s labor.

Weekend Cocktail: Bourbon Mint Tea

The cocktail of leisure is Bourbon Mint Tea.

How Vodka Conquered America

How did vodka conquer America? Neal Dewing interviews author Vic Matus about vodka’s rise to become America’s top-selling spirit.

Weekend Cocktail: Your Guide To Essential Bar Glasses

A cocktail’s appeal does not rest entirely on its taste. Here’s your guide to using the right bar glass with your cocktail.

Weekend Cocktail: The Classic Margarita

The margarita is sometimes unfairly maligned as a “lady-drink,” by simpletons.

Weekend Cocktail: The Fourth Regiment

This is another of those older, forgotten cocktails that has benefited from the focus in recent years on resurrecting classic drinks.

Weekend Cocktail: Proof Gin & Tonic

The first sip was heavenly. Smooth, yet crisp, it was uncommonly refreshing.

Weekend Cocktail: Blood & Sand

The Blood & Sand is a unique and enjoyable scotch cocktail, named for a 1922 movie about bullfighting and how women ruin it

Weekend Cocktail: Three Drinks For Derby Weekend

On Derby weekend, for the benefit of horse-racing aficionados everywhere, allow me to present the three most important drinks in racing.

Weekend Cocktail: La Paloma

La Paloma’s slightly bitter, sparkling flavor is perfect for days when the heat and humidity are at their highest.

Weekend Cocktail: The Barton Special

If you don’t like the taste of liquor then this weekend cocktail isn’t really for you.

Weekend Cocktail: The Lillet Blanc and Gin

When giving a toast, err on the side of a lighter, less hard-hitting cocktail.

Weekend Cocktail: The Liberty Cocktail

When you have a straightforward cocktail like the Liberty, you can become very practiced at it rather more easily than with the more adventurous and outlandish preparations.