Neal Dewing
Neal Dewing
Neal Dewing

Neal Dewing is a senior contributor at The Federalist. He has also been featured at Pocket Full of Liberty. He lives and works in Portsmouth, Virginia. When he isn’t able to reach a keyboard he will often blog at his very patient wife. While he is a conservative through and through, where drink is concerned he displays a surpassing liberality.

You Should Be Grateful The Pope Set Time Right, Heretic Scum

How fortunate we are that at the time the calendar was fixed, there existed an institution with sufficient authority to disseminate it throughout the known world.

How Amy Schumer’s Unconscious Self-Criticism Made Me Love Her

‘The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo’ reveals a great deal about Amy Schumer as a person, and not necessarily in the way she intends.

Pope Francis Was Spot-On About Donald Trump

Donald Trump rudely trashes Pope Francis; Pope Francis responds with humility. That’s what we expect from both of them.

Donald Trump’s Wine Can Make Dinner Great Again

Trump Winery gets closer than Thomas Jefferson did to achieving Jefferson’s dream of a Virginia wine that can go toe to toe with the likes of Chateau Latour.

Dear Millennials: Stop Whining And Do Your Job

A response to the latest whining open letter from an American Millennial.

Netflix Needs More ‘Narcos’ And Fewer Marcos

Netflix’s new series, ‘Narcos,’ is not flawless, but its carefully developed context for a story of agents versus a Colombian druglord makes this show worth watching.

The Superhero Alter Egos Of GOP Presidential Candidates

If the GOP presidential candidates were superheroes, here’s which they would be. Consider the flame war started.

Weekend Cocktail: ‘Delta Push,’ A Charleston Original

Not only did I swing a new cocktail recipe in Charleston, my wife, man friends, and I enjoyed some superb drinking and eating.

Thank Goodness Encyclicals Aren’t Binding On Catholics

Most people will receive an interpretation of new papal encyclical ‘Laudato Si’ that hovers somewhere between drunken rambling and wishcasting heresy.

The Moral Case For Snuffing Tsarnaev

Perhaps God will have mercy on Boston bomber Dzhohkar Tsarnaev, but we are under no obligation to do so.

Weekend Cocktail: The Manhattan Madness Tournament

A group of friends and I conducted a mini-tournament to decide which style of Manhattan cocktail deserves to be known as the champion.

‘Party Like A President,’ Complete With Cocktails

In the new book, ‘Party Like a President,’ Brian Abrams details the seamy side of the presidency—which includes lots of booze and women. And it ain’t just JFK.

9 Reasons Ted Cruz Is Exactly Like Barack Obama

Yes, it is fair to compare Ted Cruz to Barack Obama. Here’s why.

Let The Air Out Of Donald Trump’s Windbag

Donald Trump only pretends to run for president for the publicity. It’s time for Republicans to stop letting Trump pretend he’s a viable candidate.

However You Feel About Valentine’s Day, Enjoy It With The Cherub’s Cup

Despite its perky pinkness, even men and Valentine’s haters will appreciate The Cherub’s Cup cocktail.

How To Cope With Marital Dry Spells: A Primer On Woodworking

Here’s how to handle your wife when she’s banished you from the bedroom.

Now That It’s The New Year, Let’s Get Old Fashioned

The Old Fashioned is a classic cocktail that will start your year out right. Heed these warnings about how not to screw it up.

It’s Not Merry Christmas Without The Cocktails

Here are three Christmas cocktails to brighten your holidays.

Dixie To Democrats: It’s You, Not Us

Sen. Mary Landrieu’s loss just cements a long-running trend of Southerners increasingly refusing to vote for Democrats who dislike them.

Weekend Cocktail: Here’s What To Do With Apple Bourbon

Try this pair of seasonal cocktails centered on Bushel & Barrel apple bourbon.