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After Losing First-In-Nation Caucus For Being ‘Too White,’ Iowa Democrats’ Tuesday Isn’t Super

Photo of Iowa Democratic Party official with caucus preference cards.
Image CreditABC9 / screenshot

The preference card scene was humiliating. I felt a revulsion experienced by anyone who has ever witnessed linoleum-level grovelling. 


In their coverage of Super Tuesday results, the usual suspects in corporate media mostly glossed over Iowa’s long-delayed Democratic Party caucus results, treating the Hawkeye State like the flyover country they and their pals in the Democratic National Committee deem it to be. 

Fitting treatment for the Democratic Party of Iowa, which puckered up on the posteriors long ago in deference to the DNC’s decision to bump Iowa from its first-in-the-nation presidential caucus position after nearly 50 years. The DEI-driven DNC decided Iowa was simply too white, not diverse, equitable, and inclusive enough to serve as the overture to the grand opera that is the U.S. presidential nominating process. 

Yes, there was some resistance — mostly in the form of weeping, wailing and the gnashing of teeth— by state party officials. Ultimately, though, as they grabbed another cup of far left Kool-Aid, many Iowa Dem party loyalists went along and got along. They might not have liked their relegation, but, effectively brainwashed in the cult of diversity, equity, and inclusion, they understood their white supremacy had gotten them to the front of the nominating line. Reparations were long overdue. 

Instead of Iowa getting together, as Republicans continued to do, in high school gymnasiums, churches, restaurants, and living rooms across the state to caucus for their favorite candidate, the state party submitted to a mail-in preference vote. While leftists’ love affair with vote-by-mail remains as torrid as ever, this preference card scene was nationally humiliating, for Democrats and Republicans, alike.

I’m an Iowan, and a conservative. I felt a revulsion experienced by anyone who has ever witnessed linoleum-level groveling. 

Iowa Democrats could get together on the actual caucus day, held on a bone-chilling night in January. They could conduct administrative business, but they could not release the results of the “preference card” vote until this week.

On Super Tuesday, Iowa was lumped in with 14 other states and American Samoa in releasing results. It was forced to wait nearly two full months after the formerly traditional kickoff Hawkeye Cauci, as the great El Rushbo used to call it, to tell the world the presidential nominee choice of Iowa Democrats. 

It was like that maudlin, synth-laden pop song by Howard Jones from the 1980s. You can look at the menu, but you just can’t eat. You can feel the cushions, but you can’t have a seat …The song is called “No One Is to Blame.” But everyone is to blame in the Marxist Democrat Party for this sickening display. 

Not that it mattered much. The DNC has made 2024 a coronation for its 81-year-old incumbent king. The party, as it has so often done, has greased the skids for its anointed one. The Dementiarian will not be denied. 

President Joe Biden took Iowa with 91 percent of the preference cards, although “Uncommitted” picked up an impressive 4 percent. Biden swept through the 15 states up for grabs on Super Tuesday, although the Samoans turned their back on old Joe. It was the same story for Biden’s Republican rival, his predecessor Donald Trump, who won all but Vermont in gobbling up a smorgasbord of delegates. The night effectively guaranteed American voters — regardless of their distaste for the re-match— will see a sequel to the 2020 election. 

In part, the Iowa Democratic Party was being punished for going to Desolation Row in the debacle that was the 2020 Iowa Dem caucuses. Human and technical glitches kept the campaigns and the nation waiting and wondering for several days for the official winner to emerge following recounts and recriminations. Who was the ultimate victor? Bernie Sanders? Pete Buttigieg? Who cares. It definitely wasn’t Biden. The old codger finished a distant fourth, and he and his ilk have never forgiven Iowa for the embarrassment. 

Jeff Kaufmann, chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa, stood up for the opposing party in the wake of 2020. He thought Hawkeye State Dems got a raw deal from the national party and the accomplice media. He championed any fight the anemic Iowa Dem Party could muster to keep Iowa first. That support, and Kaufmann’s respect, disappeared after the Democratic Party of Iowa continued to capitulate. 

It was business as usual for Iowa Republicans, who turned out in full force for Trump at their first-in-the-nation caucuses in mid-January. 

Kaufmann, like a lot of Iowans, was particularly peeved about the DNC’s woke framing of his state. Sure, Iowa’s smallish population is 88 percent white. No, it is not as racially “diverse” as other states. But that doesn’t mean its people can’t be trusted to do what they have painstakingly done for the better part of a half century: vet presidential candidates for the nation. 

“The idiots [in the DNC] don’t even realize that Barack Obama made his career here,” Kaufmann told me Thursday on “Need to Know with Jeff Angelo” on NewsRadio WHO in Des Moines. “As far as us being too white, we vote on the content of character, not the color of skin, so they’re wrong as usual in the Swampland up there.” 

Iowa Democrats did pick Obama, who would go on to win the 2008 and 2012 elections and become the lion of the left. So much for content of character. 

Iowa Democrats also chose John Kerry in 2004, Al Gore in 2000, Walter Mondale in 1984, and Jimmy Carter in 1980, all of whom went on to secure their party’s presidential nomination. Iowa Democrats also thought Dick Gebhardt and their own senator, Tom Harkin, were good ideas. You win some, you lose some. 

But Kaufmann believes Iowans, no matter their politics, lost with the state Democratic Party’s submission to the will of the DNC. 

“Ultimately, they chose radical ideology and D.C. radical swamp creatures over Iowa, and people know it,” the GOP chairman said. “And they can call this thing a mail-caucus all they want. It’s a primary as directed by Joe Biden and others.” 

Further, the soft-spoken Kaufmann asserts, there will be generational change in the dynamics of Iowa Democrats, “because Iowans know they were sold out for Iowa City turnip farmers over doing the right thing for our state.” 

As that sagacious ’80s pop star advised

You can see the summit but you can’t reach it
It’s the last piece of the puzzle but you just can’t make it fit
Doctor says you’re cured but you still feel the pain
Aspirations in the clouds but your hopes go down the drain

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