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Ramaswamy Embraces ‘Responsibility’ To Ditch Democrats’ Phony J6 Narratives And ‘Speak The Truth’

The presidential hopeful says getting at the truth of Jan. 6 wasn’t his job two years ago — but it is now.


On Saturday, as Democrats and their PR agents in the accomplice media peddled their phony second civil war narrative to “commemorate” the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riots, GOP presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy wished the X universe a “Happy Entrapment Day.” 

The 38-year-old Ohio entrepreneur, who has made a campaign of incendiary comments, ticked off plenty of Democrats and Never Trumpers by suggesting the real crime that day was committed by federal agents looking to set up enthusiastic backers of the outgoing president. 

It was a much different take from young Ramaswamy in the days following the disorderly day at the nation’s Capitol. Ramaswamy, just over the constitutional age to run for president at the time, told Fox News’ Shannon Bream that he “cried” watching footage from the protests. 

“This might be controversial to say but I think that when I saw the disgrace that unfolded at the footsteps of the Capitol on Jan. 6, I cried,” Ramaswamy said at the time. “I was in tears when I watched on television that day.”

He’s had a change of heart.

On Tuesday, Ramaswamy told The Federalist’s M.D. Kittle that he was just a biotech executive back then — an anti-woke crusader making a national name for himself, to be sure, but not as engaged in the story as he has become during his presidential run. In short, hindsight is 2020. 

“Three years ago if you would have asked me if Jan. 6 was the product of government entrapment, I would have told you that that was crazy conspiracy stuff,” Ramaswamy said during an interview with Kittle on NewsRadio 1040 WHO in Des Moines. “I was a biotech CEO at the time, consuming the news from the mainstream media outlets, and I would have told you that that was fringe conspiracy talk.” 

Except, it’s not, the GOP presidential nomination-chaser said while barnstorming Iowa on Tuesday, just six days before the Hawkeye State’s first-in-the-nation caucuses. 

Having “dug into” the issue, Ramaswamy notes the FBI has been anything but transparent about its involvement — and that starts at the top with the agency’s controversial director, Christopher Wray. House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., has released thousands of hours of video footage from the day — video that undercuts much of the politically driven Jan. 6 Committee’s dog and pony show. 

“We’ve seen new video footage coming out of Capitol Police officers allowing people to just walk straight into the Capitol who were then arrested later for what the Capitol Police allowed them to do,” the candidate said. “That footage wasn’t available two years ago.”

The updated record, Ramaswamy asserts, gives him a “special responsibility” to check the record as “someone who a few years ago was just consuming the mainstream media narrative because it wasn’t my job.” He said he understands how many Americans have been duped, as well. 

His change of heart, Ramaswamy says, gives him more credibility, because he’s not making these statements for the sake of “flaunting some firebrand conspiracy theory.” No, he’s grounded in the facts, the political outsider insists — the facts that have become clearer since he teared up over “mainstream media” accounts of Jan. 6, 2021. 

It all gives Ramaswamy a grave “responsibility” as a presidential contender to “speak the truth.” 

“I’m the only candidate in this race who has said that on day one I will pardon every peaceful Jan. 6 protester because it’s the right thing to do, and I come at that with a conviction that I’ve generated of actually studying this issue,” he said. 

A study of the latest poll averages shows the first-time presidential candidate — or candidate for any political office for that matter — remains a long shot for the White House. 

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