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Joe Biden Loves ‘Democracy’ As Long As His Enemies Sit Behind Bars

President Joe Biden
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While Biden often champions himself as the protector of democratic values, his actions clearly say otherwise.


Former President Donald Trump brought us peace and prosperity. President Joe Biden has brought us war and despair. Biden and his Democrat base in the media know this isn’t a winning record in a Trump-versus-Biden matchup.

So three years after the lawful protest on Jan. 6 devolved into a riot, apparently fueled in part by Capitol Police and the FBI, Biden is kicking off his 2024 campaign by simply erasing and rewriting history. Biden is falsely accusing Trump and his supporters of undermining democracy. This is classic projection. Biden, who pretends to serve as the “defender of democracy,” is the worst offender.

Promoting Violence and Lawfare

Joe Biden spent his Friday speech attacking the millions of Americans who support Trump. He said Trump and his “MAGA supporters … embrace political violence.” It wasn’t Trump’s running mate and campaign staff that donated to bail out violent rioters in the summer of 2020. That was the Biden team. As The Washington Times recently reported, the Biden administration has gone out of its way to help the far-left rioters whom police arrested in 2020. They have offered more than a dozen prosecution diversion agreements to those Antifa radicals, while offering none to those arrested due to actions on Jan. 6, 2021. 

One of the most glaring examples is the persistent lawfare against Trump. The Biden administration’s Justice Department and closely allied Democrat prosecutors across the country are fixated on throwing Trump in prison for the rest of his life for non-crimes. High-profile radical Democrat elected officials like New York Attorney General Letitia James and Fulton County DA Fani Willis in Georgia are openly targeting Trump. Biden’s Justice Department appointee, Jack Smith, is leading a partisan prosecution against Trump in Washington, D.C., and Florida.

And fearing the American people will elect Trump anyway — turning Trump into America’s Nelson Mandela — Democrat operatives simply want to take him off the ballot. Nothing screams “Democracy!” like disenfranchising half of the American electorate. We’re beyond speculation. Democrats in Colorado and Maine already removed Trump from the ballot. Similar attempts to disqualify Trump are in the works in other states. 

Russia Hoax and Docs Hoax

Biden and other Democrats started taking a sledgehammer to our democratic norms in 2016 when faced with the threat of a Trump presidency. The controversy surrounding Hillary Clinton’s private email server, which was illegal and compromised by Russian hackers, was widely dismissed in the corporate media until the final days of the election. The Clinton campaign, in tandem with the Obama administration, including then-Vice President Biden, concocted the Russia-collusion narrative, a story that continuously overshadowed Trump’s first term. This narrative not only misled the public but also served to delegitimize Trump’s electoral victory and presidency.

The 2020 election cycle brought its own controversies. The New York Post story of Hunter Biden’s laptop, which implicated the Biden family in questionable affairs, was effectively buried by Biden’s allies in the media, ensuring voters were left in the dark on a central story. Intelligence officials loyal to the Democrat Party dismissed it as a Russian disinformation campaign, a claim that’s now widely acknowledged as factually inaccurate. This suppression of crucial information speaks volumes about the Democrats’ approach to controlling narratives and the ability of citizens to participate in free and open elections to suit the party’s goals.

Targeting Parents and Pro-Life Justices

This isn’t just about Trump. Let’s not forget that Biden’s FBI targeted pro-lifers, practicing Catholics, and parents at school board meetings, portraying them as domestic terrorist threats. This weaponization of federal agencies against specific conservative-leaning demographics should deeply concern all Americans, partisanship aside. 

While Biden’s FBI went after pro-life activists, it sat on its hands and watched as radical left-wing protesters harassed Supreme Court justices and allegedly attempted to assassinate Justice Brett Kavanaugh and his family while they slept. Biden’s attempt to establish a “disinformation czar” and collude with Big Tech to censor speech illustrated the Democrats’ hypocritical approach to free speech and open discourse. Such actions are not only contrary to the First Amendment but also indicative of an authoritarian approach to governance — exactly their accusation against Trump.

The treatment of conservative journalist James O’Keefe further illustrates this point. The FBI’s raid on O’Keefe’s home and the secretive access to Project Veritas’ emails were actions decried across the political spectrum and by honest free press advocates. The Biden DOJ took it upon itself to target a journalist for allegedly possessing the diary of the president’s daughter. Imagine if Trump had former Attorney General Bill Barr raid the home of a New York Times journalist in possession of Ivanka Trump’s dairy.

Jailing Trump to Defend ‘Democracy’

Like all authoritarians, Biden does not want to have to fairly face political opposition at the ballot box. Biden claimed the 2022 Mar-a-Lago raid on Trump was about retrieving classified records — which former presidents are allowed to possess under certain circumstances. This was not true for then-Vice President (and even then-Sen.) Biden, who got caught with at least four stashes of stolen classified records, unguarded for years, moved several times, accessible by his Chinese agent, and possibly used by Hunter to illegally secure millions in corrupt foreign payments. These included illegally held classified documents in his garage hidden with his Corvette.

Biden’s aggressive and authoritarian action against his chief political rival indicated the further politicization of federal agencies under the Biden administration. The point of the unprecedented, unnecessary, and unlawful raid on Trump was to smear Biden’s leading opponent as a criminal and eventually to put Trump behind bars so he couldn’t compete at the ballot box. 

Biden expressed his desire for the DOJ to prosecute Trump, particularly for his alleged role in the events of Jan. 6, 2021, where protesters — even women and the elderly — received similar sentences to violent criminals. Biden’s direct interference in the justice system to target his chief political rival and his supporters is antithetical to the principles of a fair and impartial judiciary and electoral process.

While Biden often champions himself as the protector of democratic values, his actions clearly say otherwise. From legal pursuits against political rivals to suppression of free speech and misuse of federal agencies, these practices are indicative of a president who is willing to compromise any and all democratic principles for political gain. The American public must recognize these actions and respond accordingly, as the true measure of a democracy lies in its adherence to principles and the ability of the voters to have their say.

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