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Democrats’ Abortion Activism Hinges On Lies And Deception

Democrat ads in Virginia lie about abortion
Image CreditRoeyourvoteVA/Twitter

Democrats feel compelled to lie about their abortion radicalism because it’s not a winning issue with voters.


Democrats know that Americans overwhelmingly reject their unlimited abortion agenda, which is why, as the 2023 election cycle draws to a close, the left is still scrambling to warp Republicans’ position on unborn life.

Fudging The Facts

In Ohio, proponents of Issue 1 are working overtime to sell their extremist ballot measure, which would give the abortion industry a free pass to end unborn lives and trample on parents’ rights, as protecting the state’s abortion status quo before the rest of voters head to the polls on Nov. 7. The outside abortion activists who penned the constitutional amendment “don’t want you to know how barbaric it is” which is why they rely on undefined terms and loopholes such as the subjective judgment of a doctor to advance their abortion goals.

In Virginia, the ACLU, the same leftist organization that authored the deliberately vague ballot measure in Ohio, announced one week before Election Day that it would spend $1 million “on direct mail, digital ads, and volunteer outreach to highlight candidates’ positions on abortion in five Senate districts and six House districts.” Abortion may not be on the ballot in Virginia like it is in Ohio, but it has become the focal point in the state’s legislative races.

The ACLU’s advertisements are just some of the many campaign commercials fearmongering that Virginia Republicans, if they manage to pull ahead in the currently Democrat-controlled Senate and keep their majority in the House of Delegates, will “ban abortion” with no exceptions.

Currently, no state in the U.S. has or plans to make abortion illegal without medical or other loopholes, yet that lie was repeated by individual candidates without scrutiny for months leading up to Nov. 7.

Democrat delegate candidate Joshua Cole, who is trying to win back the delegate seat he lost in 2021, launched an ad just a few weeks before Election Day asserting his rival Lee Peters is one of many Virginia Republicans who want to “ban abortion with no exceptions for rape or incest.”

The 30-second video features a woman, allegedly a doctor, who claims “women will die” if abortion is limited in Virginia.

Democrat Senate candidate Joel Griffin released a similar video in September alleging that his Republican opponent Tara Durant endorses “letting Virginia force a 10-year-old rape victim to carry to term.”

Griffin also claimed that Durant says, “Doctors who disagree with her laws should be in jail.” The bill he cited to back this allegation actually leveled a penalty against doctors who refuse care for babies born alive during botched abortions.

“Tara Durant is extreme, terrifying, too much,” the women in the video allege. “We cannot elect Tara Durant.”

As if those lies weren’t enough, one ad from Reproductive Freedom for All insists that Republican politicians “keep losing elections for pushing abortion bans,” a claim that was disproven by a wave of GOP gubernatorial and congressional victories during the 2022 midterms.

Losers Lie

Democrats all across the nation feel compelled to lie about their political opponents when it comes to abortion because their desire to legalize killing babies through all nine months of pregnancy is not a winning issue with voters.

Not only do a majority of Americans say they support a 15-week abortion limit, but 51 percent of Virginians say they support abortion law like the one Democrats and their ad coordinators claim will wreak havoc on the state and “reproductive rights.” In Ohio, less than one-fourth of voters support the unlimited abortion that would be enshrined in the state constitution if Issue One passes.

Democrats have repeatedly failed to make gains on abortion in several key races because their abortion radicalism is widely unpopular. The only chance the left has at replacing Americans’ current feelings about abortion with their abortion through all nine months agenda is by distorting the reality of Republicans’ position on unborn life.

Their mission is aided by corporate media, which also uses twisted language and more lies to convince the population that unborn babies are just clumps of cells that don’t have heartbeats and won’t feel pain.

Deception gained Democrats some ground in Kansas, where outside groups infiltrated the ballot measure process to circumvent elected Republicans’ objections to unlimited abortion. Unless Republicans and the pro-life movement effectively cut through these lies, they will continue to proliferate and may, as in Ohio, even threaten to permanently alter the state’s governing document.

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