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Planned Parenthood Uses Aftermath Of Hamas Attack To Fundraise For Its Own Killing Operations

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The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) reported last week that its Palestinian Family Planning and Protection Association (PFPPA) building in Gaza was demolished by an Israeli airstrike. In response, IPPF came out with a fundraising request. That’s right, baby-killing Planned Parenthood is shamelessly using unspeakable human suffering and death occurring in Gaza and Israel to unironically raise money. 

While abortion is illegal in most cases in Gaza, IPPF is responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent people across the globe; this makes its supposed concern for “vulnerable” women and their babies in Gaza grotesquely comical and deeply unserious.

Notably, the statement IPPF issued on Oct. 9 failed to condemn the murderous actions of the terror organization Hamas, instead expressing support for “Palestinians currently living under Israeli occupation.” But Hamas’ slaughter, torture, and rape of innocent Israeli civilians is what instigated the deadly airstrikes.

In its statement, IPPF’s Director-General Dr. Alvaro Bermejo promised that the federation’s “local teams” are still working to provide so-called “sexual and reproductive healthcare” to people in Gaza. “We will work closely with partners and other NGOs to ensure the least possible disruption to services,” assured Bermejo.

In another statement, the executive director of the PFPPA feigned concern for the plight of “women and their newborn babies” in Gaza.

The IPPF “is deeply concerned about civilians caught up in the recent attacks, and we are devastated by the loss of civilian lives,” Bermejo continued, even though his organization profits off ending preborn civilian lives. “[W]e take our responsibility to preserve the enormous gains made in life-saving sexual and reproductive healthcare in this region very seriously, especially for women, girls and marginalised populations, whose vulnerability and experiences are so often overlooked in humanitarian and conflict settings.”

The insinuation from IPPF is that the last thing women need during a conflict is to have a child. However, as President of Human Life International Father Shenan J. Boquet said, “This discredits the memory of the many generations which have done just that, courageously continuing to live, love, and raise families despite the worst conditions imaginable, a true demonstration of what the human spirit is capable of.”

IPPF profits from the breakdown of families and the deaths of millions of babies across the world. It should surprise no one that they are now using the deaths of more innocent people in the devastating conflict between Israel and Hamas to further enrich themselves.

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