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Biden’s Lazy Response To Catastrophes Like Hawaii Fire Proves He Is A Liability


When word reached Biden about the deadly Maui fires that killed over 100 people and left 800 more missing, he didn’t rush to Air Force One and fly over the Pacific to the afflicted island.

Instead, the 46th president of the United States spent yet another day neglecting his oath of office on a Delaware beach vacation where he offered reporters “no comment” about the hundreds of fire victims. After a brief appearance at the White House, where he once again refused to speak with reporters about the catastrophe, Biden jetted off to lounge at Lake Tahoe.

The president eventually paused his elaborate stay in the Sierra Nevada Mountains to fly to Hawaii. When Biden finally arrived on the ravaged island two weeks after the deadliest wildfire in modern U.S. history started, he kicked off the somber visit by cracking several jokes about hot pavement and football.

Biden’s babbling only worsened when he turned a speech that was supposed to encourage the fire victims into a self-adulating spiel laced with lies.

He topped off his posturing with a quick nap during a service dedicated to honoring the people who lost their lives in Lahaina.

Biden’s senility isn’t to blame for this, he is. For literal decades, Biden has tainted tragedies — including his own — with his brusque, verbose, and ill-mannered insolence. Even Maui’s own recognize Biden’s performative presence as a mockery of the fire’s victims.

“It’s going to slow everything down just so [Biden] can come in and take a look and do nothing yet again. So it’s ridiculous, it’s nonsense, and f-ck him,” one bystander lamented to a Daily Signal reporter on the ground in Maui.

“They got to Ukraine quicker than they got to their own state,” another added.

Biden’s slow, aloof response isn’t just an offense to the people of Hawaii, which voted him into office. It’s also a stain on his presidency and proves that his “leadership” is a liability.

Biden is a liability to the country that is riddled with problems at home and abroad because he does nothing but stoke those disasters. Over the last two years, our nation has endured endless tribulations, most of them self-inflicted by the Biden administration. Even the few crises that were free of Biden’s instigation, like the fire in Maui, are still exacerbated by his heartless horsing around.

Biden is even a liability to the Democrat party, which claims its primary political opponent is unfit to rule when its own commander-in-chief snoozes through a memorial ceremony.

Leading a nation is not a game. Smoldering ruins are not a stage for the latest round of senile standup. And Afghanistan, East Palestine, the border, Maui, and every other place recovering from ruin are no places for performative posturing.

Hawaii certainly isn’t the first time Biden has checked out during a crisis and it won’t be his last.

For Biden, Maui was just a pit stop in his grand plan to go back to living a lavish life. For Americans, Maui was yet another sign that Biden doesn’t just deliberately neglect them but scoffs at their suffering.

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