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Joe Biden’s Phony Civility Schtick Was Always A Lie

Biden civility shtick

While Trump was crucified for spouting off on Twitter, Biden’s short fuse is ignored by the media who pretend they are unaware of his decades of nastiness.


While campaigning for Democrat Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe on Tuesday, President Joe Biden hinted that Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin and anyone else who wears a fleece vest is an extremist.

Corporate media such as CNN framed it as an “extended riff” as part of the president’s larger goal to compare Youngkin to former President Donald Trump and play up the Jan. 6 riots, but Biden’s inclination toward aggressive insults, name-calling, and making his opponents the butt of his jokes is not isolated.

Shortly after he was dubbed “president-elect” by the corporate media in November 2020, Biden preached “unity” as the driving force of his administration. He repeated “unity” mantras during his Inauguration Day speech as well.

“With unity, we can do great things. Important things. We can right wrongs. We can put people to work in good jobs. We can teach our children in safe schools. We can overcome this deadly virus. We can reward work, rebuild the middle class, and make health care secure for all. We can deliver racial justice,” Biden said.

Biden’s corporate media cronies worked overtime to paint him as a moderate and master of civility who, when elected following meddling from Big Tech, press, and other powerful institutions, would reunite a country torn apart by mean tweets sent by his predecessor. But Biden is far from the endearing Scranton guy with an edge of roughness that others have painted him as.

The president’s track record of abrasiveness and vindictiveness stretches back long before he was ushered into the White House. When Biden lost his first wife and 13-month-old daughter in a tragic car accident that also injured his two sons in 1972, he repeatedly mischaracterized the man who was driving the tractor-trailer truck that hit the Biden family station wagon as it rolled into an intersection as drunk. The chief prosecutor who oversaw the investigation into the crash explicitly stated that Biden’s claims were incorrect, and the daughter of the man driving the truck begged Biden to correct the record. But that didn’t stop the now-president or the corporate media from echoing his falsities.

Biden also has a long recorded history of plagiarism and lies about his grades, scholarships, and class rank.

Biden’s ice cream schticks and media stories about his dogs seem to have deceived some people into believing Biden is merely a man of the people, but his treatment of regular Americans tells a different story. While campaigning in Michigan and talking with the blue-collar workers he claims to represent, Biden said one Detroit factory worker was “full of sh-t” after the man said the Democrat is “actively trying to end our Second Amendment right.”

“Don’t be such a horse’s ass,” Biden said.

The president also had several outbursts on the debate stage while millions of Americans were watching. Biden not only yelled, “Will you shut up, man?” to Trump in September 2020 but often repeated, “Come on, man!” and, “Give me a break” at times of frustration.

Even though the press has treated him more than favorably, Biden has also shown he has no patience for reporters who ask questions he doesn’t like. The president has not only snapped at reporters for pushing him to answer basic questions about his son’s shady overseas business dealings but has also targeted them for asking him questions in general.

While Trump was crucified for being vulgar and spouting off on Twitter, Biden’s short fuse is overlooked by the corporate media who pretend they are blissfully unaware of his decades of nastiness. Biden is far from the moderate he was portrayed as during the 2020 presidential election, and the phony civility schtick that the Democrats and the media played up was always a lie.