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Biden Regime, Corporate Media Blame The Military Abortion Fight They Started On Republicans

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Lloyd Austin at the White House
Image CreditWhite House/Flickr

Republicans weren’t the ones who started the ideological military fight, but they are committed to finishing it.


House Republicans passed an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act on Thursday that is aimed at keeping Americans’ hard-earned tax dollars from funding travel and pay for military service members and their families to get abortions.

The amendment, which passed 221-213, is a continuation of Republican Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s fight to stonewall the promotion of more than a hundred generals and flag officers over the Department of Defense’s abortion commitment.

For his efforts to keep taxpayer dollars directed to the military from funding the Biden administration’s abortion extremism, Tuberville was smeared by the regime, Democrats, the corporate media, and members of his own party. Austin, who could end the holds by simply rescinding his pledge to subsidize abortions through his department, went so far as to claim Tuberville’s actions are a “national security issue.”

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The Biden regime initiated the fight last year when DOD Secretary Lloyd Austin pledged to illegally force taxpayers to fund up to three weeks of paid time off and travel costs for his employees and their family members to obtain abortions. Now, the Biden administration, the Democrats who supported its decision, and the compliant corporate media are lambasting Republicans (and a few Democrats) for fighting back.

“The only explanation for it is that they are so obsessed with jamming their extreme right-wing ideology down the throats of the American people that extreme MAGA Republicans are willing to even detonate the ability of our military to do what it needs to do to keep us safe,” House Minority Leader Hakeem Jefferies said in a press conference on Friday.

It’s Democrats who are “jamming their extreme ideology” that Americans should be funding abortion up until birth, something a majority of the nation does not want — but that didn’t stop corporate media from quickly joining the dogpiling.

Several print and TV outlets labeled the NDAA, equipped with amendments prohibiting funding for abortion and irreversible mutilative surgeries for gender dysphoric individuals, as “divisive” and “controversial,” and Republicans forced it through the House.

“Congress’s decades-long streak of bipartisan support for its annual defense policy and spending plan collapsed Friday, after House Republicans rammed through the most conservative National Defense Authorization Act in decades — restricting military personnel’s access to reproductive care and diversity protections, and imperiling lawmakers’ broader effort to set major national security priorities,” the Washington Post complained.

National Security Council Spokesman John Kirby went so far as to claim that Biden is “comfortable and confident that he’s not going to sign legislation that’s not going to affect our military readiness in a negative way or affect our people.”

“It’s very difficult to see the President supporting legislation that would make it harder for Americans to serve in uniform and to not be able to do so with dignity and not be able to do so with the proper care that they need both medical and mental care,” Kirby said. “It’s very difficult to see that the President would ever, ever signed legislation that would put our troops a greater risk or put our readiness at risk.”

“Obviously, he’s not going to support amendments, he’s not going to support legislation that’s going to put our readiness or our troops at any greater risk,” Kirby added.

What Kirby failed to acknowledge is the military’s readiness is already compromised due to personnel and ideological identity crises. Depriving the armed forces of more members who plan to spend weeks or months on abortion or dangerous gender experiments will only exacerbate those problems.

“If you bring people in and you start this process, it takes months, months and months, well over a year before you go through the hormone transition before you get the gender reassignment surgeries and all this done,” Rep. Ronny Jackson explained in a press conference on Friday. “During this entire time, these individuals are not deployable. They’re not deployable. So someone else is going to do a second deployment in their place during this process. That’s not fair to the other members of the military, and it’s just not something we should be doing in the military.”

Republicans weren’t the ones who started the ideological military fight, but they are committed to finishing it. In the end, it was President Joe Biden, Austin, and all of their allies in Congress and the corporate media who did when they demanded abortion and radical gender ideology become pillars in the DOD. Now, they face the consequences of their actions.

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