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Breaking News Alert This Trans Athlete Has Beaten Girls 700 Times Thanks To Democrat Policies

Denying The Sexes Is Bigger Than Bathrooms And Sports. It’s About Forcing All Of Us To Live A Lie

We are fighting not just a culture war but a war for rationality, science, and norms that have been in place since the dawn of humanity.


Those of us who fight on the gender ideology front tend to focus on one or two aspects. Some emphasize the danger men pose in women’s spaces. Some advocate the unfairness of men in women’s sports. Some point out the harm of housing dangerous men in women’s prisons. Some highlight the erasure of women in medicine. And many work diligently to stop the mutilation of children.

Each of these battles is important, but those engaged in these small battles must also keep sight of the overall goal: winning the culture war. 

I hear many say if they’d leave the women and kids alone, gender controversy would die down. If males dressed as females would stay out of women’s spaces, they’d be accepted. But there is a much bigger issue here: The most offensive component is the denial of reality.

We are told trans people have been around forever, we just haven’t noticed them. If that’s the case, why is there a problem now?  Because today is the first time they are no longer men presenting as women (or vice versa), they are now biologically and legally in every way whatever they say they are. They have created a fantasy world, and we must live in it. Those who reject this fantasy will be punished.

We are fighting not just a culture war but a war for rationality, science, and norms that have been in place since the dawn of humanity. Every normal aspect of our lives from human reproduction, family, education, justice, and science must be “queered” or made no longer normative. This is their stated goal.  

To win the culture war against wokeness, we need to end the entire fantasy world. Let’s look at some major ways this fantasy is being imposed on every situation possible.

Bathrooms and Locker Rooms

Many feminists have tried to paint all men (inaccurately) as potential rapists. But of course, most men are law-abiding. Although sexual assault rates are increasing, a small percentage of men commit such crimes.

When women push back against men in women’s spaces based on a risk of sexual assault, gender activists respond that if a man wanted to assault a woman in a bathroom, he wouldn’t have to pretend to be a woman to do so. This is true, although open-access bathrooms do increase danger to women.

Still, many leftist women state they don’t mind them. In addition, most women will not report harassment in women’s spaces and may simply opt out of using these spaces altogether. So even though we know women (and men) prefer single-sex spaces for private affairs like bathroom use, we’ll likely never have enough data to prove it. The lack of data hampers this discussion.

But if the discussion instead focuses not on assault rates, but the imposition of unreality as an assault on everyone’s reason, those are more winnable grounds that attach this issue to the larger one outlined above.

Women’s Sports

Men in women’s sports is a bit more complex. A plethora of data shows men’s innate physical advantage over women. Although gender activists try to refute this, the data clearly shows men typically have larger hearts, greater lung capacity, and significantly more strength.

There is also the obvious question: Why do women’s sports exist? We do not separate sport by appearance, we separate by biology. 

Ultimately activists point to “inclusion.” They claim it’s exclusive to make women’s sports about women. A small number of men currently play in women’s sports. So it’s easy for leftists to call this a conservative witch hunt. Although the public seems to side with women on this issue, the activists win the sympathy argument among leftists.

Women’s Prisons

In Europe, placing men in women’s prisons has ignited a firestorm. The first minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, a fierce advocate for transgenderism, has resigned over this issue. Two violent men were approved to be transferred to a female prison. Both these transfers were halted at the last minute after public outrage. 

After the passage of their controversial gender ID law and subsequent rejection by Westminster, Sturgeon seemed unable to weather the storm. The women of Scotland appear to have won the battle for women’s prisons, at least for now.

The United States unfortunately seems to be full steam ahead on allowing men in women’s prisons. New York is debating a bill that would allow men full access to women’s prisons based on their simple declaration of opposite-sexed belief unless there are extreme circumstances. Whether American women will be as successful as Scottish women remains to be seen.

Erasure in Language

Women are increasingly being erased in medicine. How do we talk about pregnancy, menopause, menstruation, and female cancers if we aren’t able to recognize these conditions as female-specific? The trend seems to be to refer to women (but not men) as body parts or bodily functions.

Medical professionals cannot effectively communicate health concerns to the public without using universal words like man, woman, and mother. We cannot account for the different types of symptoms in heart attacks or cancers if we cannot specify who is male or female. Health outcomes will worsen due to this ideological imposition against reality, and likely these dangers will be most pronounced among the poorest and least educated.

People for whom English is a second language may be unable to understand the new health standards for those with a “short urethra.” We are being pushed to do this for less than 3 percent of the population.

Transgender Procedures for Kids

Giving kids transgender procedures is one of the most contentious battles in the culture war. Although there is opposition to transing kids, many medical associations and the Democratic Party are huge proponents.

Wrongly named “gender-affirming care” can be very profitable. And getting children on the trans train early with puberty blockers, hormones, then surgery can be more lucrative than transing adults. Hormones often have to be taken for life, which makes trans people patients for life.

Gender activists are adamant that kids know who they are and should be immediately “affirmed” in that identity regardless of other mental-health issues. Physiological evaluations are deemed gatekeeping, and kids can often be given puberty blockers or wrong-sex hormones after a quick meeting with a medical professional

The tragic stories from detransitioners like Chloe Cole put a face to the trans kid narrative, and it paints a grotesque picture. Although bills are being enacted all over the country to ban transitioning young kids, the cultist mentality runs deep. States like California and Minnesota are touting themselves as “sanctuary” states that will allow minors to receive transgender interventions if they live in states that have banned them for minors.

It may seem easier to focus on one aspect of this madness at a time. But we must keep in mind that although small wins are good, we must focus on big wins and the larger design behind all these various efforts. Unless and until we can end woke domination in its entirety, we can never truly declare victory in maybe one of the greatest cultural battles Americans have waged.

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