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Parents Beware! Most Popular Kid-Friendly YouTube Channel MrBeast Now Features A Man In Ladyface

Mr. Beast crew poses at Kids’ Choice Awards
Image CreditTinseltownTV/YouTube

Tyson’s decision to embrace the alphabet sexual lifestyle leaves his wife without a husband and his young son without a masculine father.


Parents, be warned! The largest kid-friendly channel on YouTube now features a man in ladyface.

Jimmy Donaldson, known to his fans as MrBeast, is the most-subscribed-to individual on YouTube and has reached “almost 10% of the world” with his content. He and his crew of rowdy guy friends rose to stardom for creating outlandish stunts, extravagant pranks, and cash-grabbing challenges.

MrBeast videos often include “immature and crude humor” but are otherwise considered by most of the channel’s 145 million subscribers as family-friendly content. That’s going away now that permanent cast member Chris Tyson dresses in women’s clothing and makeup and goes by “any pronouns.”

Tyson, one of Donaldson’s childhood best friends and MrBeast co-creator, formally announced at the beginning of April that he began a physically altering chemical castration drug regime two months ago.

His decision to embrace the alphabet sexual lifestyle leaves his wife, from whom he’s been separated since 2022, without a husband and his young son, born in 2020, without married parents or a masculine father.

Tyson previously mocked transgenderism by pretending to be an “attack helicopter.”

Now, he regularly promotes genderbending from his personal Twitter account and condemns Republican legislators for banning the irreversible mutilation and disfigurement of minors.

Tyson’s decision to indulge gender dysphoria received an outpouring of support from the Mr. Beast crew including channel pioneer Donaldson, who once poked fun at the cult of transgenderism by claiming he was “born a tank” but couldn’t live out his true identity because “it wasn’t one of our 52 genders.”

The MrBeast team’s promotion of a man masquerading as a woman is already concerning parents like Kevin Paffrath, a 31-year-old dad of two who runs a financial YouTube channel and claims to be open to aspects of the alphabet ideology.

“What the h-ll am I supposed to tell a 7-year-old who’s now watching MrBeast and seeing one of his favorite characters turn into a girl?” Paffrath asked in a recent video titled “I’m Struggling as a Parent.” “I don’t know what to do, I’m totally lost as a parent.”

The “Meet Kevin” creator and HouseHack CEO said he knew he would have to discuss topics like these with his sons at some point but didn’t realize it would happen as soon as the kids entered grade school.

“I guess more of the issue that I see is now we’re forcing this discussion to children who don’t know anything about really even their own sexuality or body parts or what sex is or any of that,” Paffrath remarked.

Meanwhile, TikTok immediately began censoring criticism of Tyson’s feminine shift.

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